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The Power of a Wrestling Women's Division

This Cagesider looks at the state of women's wrestling in WWE and asks why so many in the company (including wrestlers) and fans are okay with the status quo. What can we all do to make a...


On this edition of Slapstick Saturday, find out what happens when the ringside mic gets a little to close to the action and picks up a few conversations between WWE Divas Alicia Fox and Natalya....

Alicia got lippy on Raw... and zero Fox were given

Hulk Holland doesn't give two Fox what some of the fans think about the impromptu smooch delivered by Alicia Fox on Monday Night RAW, because the context of the kiss is what was important, not the...

WWE Smackdown preview for May 16, 2014

Half the roster left for Scotland, leaving us with John Cena's response to Bray Wyatt. Get caught up and see what else we might expect. And if you're expecting our usual Friday silliness, we're...

NXT recap & reactions: It's a blissful life


A show full of debuts features a battle royal to decide the #1 contender to the NXT title. The ending of that is inconclusive, leading to a huge main event for next week. Read all about a show that...

NXT results, open thread: Bracket Bliss

Reactions later, but here's a place to get quick results - and more importantly, to hang with your fellow Cagesiders during the latest airing of NXT in its regular 9PM Eastern time slot on WWE...


The State of Women's Wrestling in WWE

A Cagesider breaks down the roster one Diva at a time, and then tackles the tougher task of making women's wrestling work in today's WWE.

WWE Smackdown preview for Apr. 18, 2014

Batista and Sheamus duke it out in the main event, but we just want to talk about Alicia Fox and animal characters. Don't worry, we'll get you ready for Smackdown, too. To paraphrase JBL, we...

WrestleMania 30 match preview: Divas Invitational

Divas champ AJ Lee is being forced to defend against 13 other women by her old nemesis Vickie Guerrero in the 1st Divas title match in WrestleMania history. Can the champ survive? Can you afford to...

Rumor Roundup for Monday, March 17

Today's rumors: Possible plans for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30, how long plans for him have been in place, a match being considered for the pre-show, and more!

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