Slapstick Saturday

Slapstick Saturday: Eve Out-Uglys Erik Watts

In a record no one wanted or thought would ever be broken, WWE Diva "Eve" managed to execute a dropkick that was somehow worse than the one put up by Erik Watts at Starrcade 1992. See it to believe it.

Gangster Squad! Punk pulls a piece as Cena's goon

CM Punk spotted at WrestleMania as part of John Cena's gangster squad, as Slapstick Saturday flashes back to WrestleMania 22 inside the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, on April 2, 2006. Nice suit!

HBK won't concern him-stelf with Wrestle-Twuh

The Undertaker shows why he used to have Paul Bearer do all the talking by flubbing his lines in the presence of Shawn Michaels, where he threatens to show up for cheerleading tryouts at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

SS: CM Punk make an arse of Roman Reigns in Dublin

Roman Reigns tried to do the cool-guy entrance into the ring, except the ropes no-sold his jump. As a result, he landed on his arse in Dublin, Ireland, something CM Punk was sure to revisit the following night.

SS: Kofi loses MITB ladder match, wins Internet

Kofi Kingston may have lost the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 26 in early 2010, but he won the hearts of the WWE Universe -- and the Internet -- by using a broken ladder as stilts to try to grab the magic briefcase.

Slapstick Saturday: Kurt Angle, Dr. of Huganomics

Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle was confronted by John Cena on Smackdown! back in 2003 and they ended up settling their feud by way of rap battle. While there was no clear-cut winner, we did find out how the bro hug was invented.

Take that f---ing mask off Husky we know it's you!

Before he was Bray Wyatt, he was Husky Harris. Well, actually, he was Axel Mulligan, but that gimmick was so awful -- even by FCW standards -- it was quickly scrapped. But not before Windham Lawrence Rotunda took his lumps as "Hockey Mask Husky."

Del Rio Kicks The Bucket At Elimination Chamber

Alberto Del Rio tried to retain the World Heavyweight Championship by finishing off The Big Show with an enzuigiri to the head -- by way of aluminum pail -- only to get his foot hooked in the top rope and get sent crashing to the canvas.

Slapstick Saturday: Punk predicts his own demise

Remember when a burned out and frustrated CM Punk told WWE CEO Vince McMahon he was going home and never coming back? No, not last month, the other time. No, the time after that. Oh heck, just see for yourself.

Slapstick Saturday: Angle flips at Olympic trials

In honor of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Slapstick Saturday honors Kurt Angle's run at the Olympic trials in 2012, as the former gold medalist tried to earn a spot in London by chair-shotting other athletes and dressing as a woman.


Slapstick Saturday presents: Wipe bomb!

Now that CM Punk has left WWE, he will have time to do all sorts of extracurricular activities, like run the Chicago marathon, violate blueberry muffins and abandon helpless girls in their hour of need. Leave no wrapper behind!

Slapstick Saturday: Miss Royal Rumble 2000

Slapstick Saturday looks back at one of the most frightening moments in Royal Rumble history, when Mae Young crashed the 2000 swimsuit competition to reveal her prehistoric puppies in front of a horrified WWE live audience.

Slapstick Saturday: Yep, yep, yep ... what it do?

Ryback may be THE BIG GUY, a monster loose cannon who eats, tweets, deletes, repeats ... but there was a time when he was a fast-talking country boy with plenty of Southern charm. Meet NXT's Skip Sheffield, the corn-fed meathead.

Slapstick Saturday: Somebody call my lawyer!

Brodus Clay is finally getting to walk in Ernest "The Cat" Miller's shoes, now that Xavier Woods has come along to steal his gimmick, complete with Funkadactyls and "Somebody Call My Momma" theme song.

Slapstick Saturday: Hats what I do!

Brock Lesnar made fun of Eddie Guerrero in the build-up to their championship match at No Way Out back in 2004 by hiring a mariachi band, wearing a sombrero, rolling his Rs and of course, dancing like a fool.

Slapstick Saturday: Batista Gives Latino Some Heat

Slapstick Saturday primes you for the pending return of former WWE champion Batista by looking back at some of his funniest moments inside (and outside) the ring, with a special guest appearance from the late Eddie Guerrero.

Slapstick Saturday: Welllllllll it's the Big Chair

Slapstick Saturday: Sheamus gets hit with a billboard at Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view back in 2012, when Big Show unveiled the big chair. I'd hate to see the table that thing fits under.

Slapstick Saturday: Cena dumps broski for hoeski

Broskis before hoeskis! Poor Zack Ryder had to watch his buddy John Cena lock lips with his crush, ex-Diva, Eve. Though I'm sure the pain of losing his friend (and girlfriend) was nothing compared to his death by wheelchair at the hands of Kane.

SS: William Regal Besmirched By Rock On Smackdown

Goodwill ambassador William Regal is besmirched by The Rock during his etiquette lesson on a special Thanksgiving day edition of WWE Smackdown. See what happens when "The Brahma Bull" promises Regal a Worcestershire-flavored horn.

SS: Gobbledy Gooker Lays An Egg At Survivor Series

Survivor Series 2013: We gear up for tomorrow night's big show by looking back at the Gobbledy Gooker egg-hatching debacle in 1990, which outside of The Shockmaster, could be one of the worst debuts in professional wrestling history.

Slapstick Saturday: Melina splits with Santino

Life imitating art! Santino Marella shows Melina what her ring entrance would look like if she bounced off the apron and hit the floor. Well, she must be a fast learner, because it wasn't long before she went out there and did the exact same thing.

John Cena gets knocked out by Tracy Morgan on SNL

WWE superstar John Cena lands a guest spot on Saturday Night Live, only to get sent ass over teakettle by Tracy Morgan. No worries, as we also provide an example of how to properly do SNL, with a little extra bonus from MADtv.

'Long' Division: 10 + 2 = Potato

Teddy Long had trouble keeping up with all of John Cena's WWE Championship runs when trying to introduce him for the "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view contract signing against Brock Lesnar. When in doubt, just say the same thing a bunch of times!

Slapstick Saturday: ADR Afraid Of Heights At HIAC

WWE Hell in a Cell video: Watch what happens when Alberto Del Rio climbs to the top turnbuckle in his 2012 opening match against Randy Orton in Atlanta ,Georgia. Indeed, "The Viper" was ill-prepared for the Mexican brawler-turned-high flyer.

Slapstick Saturday: Behold, Mini-taker!

Get to know "Mini-taker" in our weekly look at the lighter side of professional wrestling. This week, Dan DiLucchio, better known by the pro wrestling moniker "Short Sleeve Sampson," gets Tombstoned on Smackdown for being in cahoots with JBL.

Rock Rips Hermaphrodite For 'Painus In Your Anus'

As we inch closer to this month's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) event in Miami, we take a look back at The Rock's epic promo for Armageddon, where he was scheduled to meet five other top superstars inside the cage.

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