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WWE ready to offer Rousey a role after SummerSlam?


The UFC champ is taking over Sting's role as the favorite topic of dirt screen speculation. A new report has it that company officials had their eyes opened in Los Angeles and by her role in...

King Mo is a TNA guy

And he's ready to show the world what he can do in their six-sided ring. The Bellator fighter also says that pro wrestling is harder than MMA.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon shoot on UFC


Triple H claimed that UFC aren't a competitor to WWE, whilst Stephanie McMahon argued that WWE offers a guarantee of a great match & a great pay-per-view that UFC can't provide during their...

Lashley will fight for Bellator on Sept. 5

Bobby Lashley will take a break from his duties as TNA heavyweight champion to fight for Bellator on Sept. 5, 2014, in Connecticut as part of an effort to compete with the UFC. Full details inside.

Chael Sonnen to WWE? Can't see it happening...

With Chael Sonnen fired as an analyst and broadcaster by UFC and Fox Sports this week for failing a random drug test for HGH and EPO, we discuss the many reasons why it is unlikely for him to get...


Stone Cold talks MMA & more with Ariel Helwani

Steve Austin stopped by The MMA Hour to talk his new show, 'Broken Skull Challenge', and more. Check out video of their full conversation right here!

Rousey practicing her pro wrestling (Video)

Ronda Rousey is still practicing her pro wrestling and we have video of it inside. She's pretty damn good for having so little experience, and we continue to hope she makes her way to WWE, if only...

WWE continues flirting with UFC star Ronda Rousey

WWE may or may not be hoping to book the Four Horsewomen for an appearance at "SummerSlam" this year -- rumors say they are -- but the company is rather open about its flirty with UFC star Ronda...

Even Ronda Rousey is a Roman Reigns fangirl


And, based on recent Twitter activity, the big dog of The Shield may heart her right back.

ROH News: Kaz is coming, UFC star negotiating

Christopher Daniels partner will be joining him in Ring of Honor. Their old employer may be keeping their name, but they have a joke or two for TNA. And according to TMZ, tag champs redDRagon may...

Santino: Wrestling should incorporate MMA more

Santino Marella believes pro wrestling should incorporate more MMA in matches, so much so that he thinks that's where the industry is headed, or at least it's the direction it should be going. His...

Chael Sonnen credits Paul Heyman for saving TUF: Brazil 3


Paul was a guy that even without knowing him, I knew I could trust him. We have mutual friends, Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk. I knew he was an expert in psychology and I was stuck, working through this spot, having to deal with this, [Wanderlei Silva] not talking to me and the reversal of roles that I didn't see coming. He told me, `Listen, you have to shoot on him. If he's not playing along, you have to drop everything and shoot on him.' He laid it out a lot more aggressive than that. `You have to drop everything and come clean.' He went into it a lot more detail than that. In many ways, Paul Heyman saved Ultimate Fighter (Brazil) 3. He kept his word. He kept his secrecy up. So not only should we thank Paul for the huge ratings, but we can also blame him for all the bad things.

Add Chael Sonnen to the growing list of Paul Heyman guys, as apparently he went to the booking genius for advice when Wanderlei Silva wouldn't work with him and follow his script ideas for the third season of the Brazilian version of UFC's The Ultimate Fighter "reality" TV show.

Eva Marie interview from UFC on Fox 11


Eva Marie was at UFC on Fox 11 tonight (April 19, 2014) in Orlando and the UFC sent Megan Olivi to catch up with her for a "celebrity interview". The result is what you see above. Notice her referring to the fighters competing on the card as "superstars".

Eva Marie predicts UFC on Fox 11 winners


Is it just me or have UFC and WWE been far more friendly lately than in times past?

Ronda Rousey open to doing some pro wrestling

UFC star Ronda Rousey, while extremely busy with mixed martial arts and her budding movie career, is now saying she would be open to doing some pro wrestling.

Dana White open to talking to CM Punk about fighting in the UFC


"We have literally never talked about business. I like him. He’s a fan. I’ve heard rumors out there, and he and I have been around each other and been together, he has never ever, I’ve never talked to him about wrestling and he’s never talked to me about fighting. I have no idea. ... I mean, yeah. I guess if he wanted to fight, I’d talk to him about it."

From Dana White has shown he'll work with former big draw pro wrestlers (Brock Lesnar) but no one knows where CM Punk's head is at. Stay tuned.

Rebney: Rampage Jackson's TNA training to "rev up"

With Viacom having a pay-per-view fight between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and King Mo to promote, expect both men to return to TNA shortly. Indeed, Bjorn Rebney is claiming that they are going to...

Ronda Rousey could actually be a good pro wrestler

So here's some video proof that Ronda Rousey could actually be a pretty damn good pro wrestler. She's got the look, the attitude, and the promo skills. Now check her out doing work in the ring....

WWE worried about Punk fans hijacking Chicago Raw

The latest on CM Punk is that WWE management are concerned that his fans will hijack their live Monday Night Raw tapings on March 3rd in Chicago, just one month before WrestleMania XXX.

Bellator potentially interested in CM Punk fight

According to Dave Meltzer, Bellator is already making overtures for CM Punk to fight for the company.

Brock Lesnar is NOT going back to the UFC

Good news, pro wrestling fans: Brock Lensar is NOT going back to the UFC, according to promotion President Dana White. We can finally stop talking about this once and for all.

Former Power Ranger wants to fight CM Punk

Jason David Frank, a former cast member on Power Rangers, has challenged CM Punk to an MMA fight, one he already accepted years ago. But that was before Punk walked out on WWE. Now, the possibility...

Dana White on CM Punk fighting in the UFC

Could CM Punk ever end up fighting in the UFC now that he's walked out on WWE? It seems a highly unlikely proposition but it's worth asking the President of the UFC, Dana White. Here's his answer.

CM Punk could be successful in MMA, says Rener Gracie


"With the little time he’s had with me spread out over so many years, he’s made remarkable progress. There’s no telling how successful he would be if he devoted himself full time to the training. He can go get some fights, knock some fools out and choke some dudes. If he dedicates himself full time, there is no limit. He has the intangibles."

In an interview with Fox Sports, Rener Gracie, CM Punk's Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer, says the WWE star has no limits if he decides he wants to do MMA. At 35-years-old it seems unlikely, but crazier things have happened. Batista actually won his MMA debut back in October of 2012 at the age of 43. Then again, he claimed to want to fight again and never did. Stay tuned, as always. And for all the latest news and notes on CM Punk leaving WWE click here.
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