CHIKARA weekend results: Battle Not With Monsters & The Ghost of You Clings...

CHIKARA - "Battle Not With Monsters" Promotional Poster for May 3, 2013 -

CHIKARA returned to action this past weekend (May 3, 2013) with 'Battle Not With Monsters' and 'The Ghost of You Clings...". Luckily for you, we have the results from a wild weekend of CHIKARA action, right here.

CHIKARA had an action packed weekend (May 3, 2013) with two shows in the lead up to the Tag World Grand Prix and their return to iPPV with this year's edition of Anniversario.

Battle Not With Monsters Results:

  • Ophidian, Kobald, Obariyon and Kodama def. Fire Ant, assailANT, and Los Ice Creams.
  • Saturyne def. Missile Assault Ant.
  • Orbit Adventure Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, and deviANT def. 3.0 and Gran Akuma via top rope leg drop from Arctic Rescue Ant.
  • Amasis def. the Shard.
  • Gavin Loudspeaker made his first appearance of the show before the intermission and stated that Tim Donst (who announced the first half of the show) had kidnapped him and trapped him in a closet.
  • Archibald Peck def. Jigsaw via cheating.
  • Young Lions Cup Match: Mr. Touchdown (c) def. Chiva Kid via Flea Flicker.
  • The Spectral Envoy def. F.I.S.T. via roll up by Frightmare on Gargano. After the match, Gargano blamed Sugar Dunkerton for the loss (there was some miscommunication) and destroys him with a superkick. In response, Icarus speared Gargano which caused Gargano to say that he is done with F.I.S.T.
  • CHIKARA Grand Championship Match: Eddie Kingston def. Green Ant via Backfist to the Future to retain as Grand Champion.

The Ghost of You Clings... Results:

  • Shenron def. Chuck Taylor in an impressive debut.
  • The Shard and Jigsaw def. Fire Ant and assailANT via top rope double stomp from the Shard.
  • Gran Akuma def. Sugar Dunkerton w/ Icarus via disqualification. Icarus had shoved Akuma off the top rope which caused the dq. After the match Dunkerton quits F.I.S.T. as well.
  • Amasis def. Kobald via The Rolling Elbow.
  • The Colony XTREME Force def. the Spectral Envoy via DQ when Ultra Mantis Black apparently tried to pull the mask off of Missile Assault Ant.
  • Saturyne def. Tim Donst via roll up when Donst tried to mess with Gavin Loudspeaker. After the match, Donst attack Loudspeaker and cut off some of hair as a trophy.
  • CHIKARA Grand Championship Match: Eddie Kingston def. Mr. Touchdown via Super Urinagi to retain as Grand Champion.
  • CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match: 3.0 def. the Batiri two falls to one to retain as Campeonatos de Parejas.
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