Goldberg on Sting signing with WWE


"It’s a guy like Sting. It’s a guy like me that makes decisions not based upon wrestling logic, but based upon individual needs and desires. There’s a lot that plays into these things. It’s taken him this long to be a member of the WWE. He’s surely not going to make a hasty decision about anything."

From his interview with CBS Atlanta. It's still expected Sting will come in for at least one more match, possibly at WrestleMania. But as we've seen in the past, nothing is for sure.

Rockstar Spud on Bully Ray leaving TNA


"It would be a tremendous loss if Bully Ray had to depart from TNA, but let's see who is going to step up and take that place. This is the wrestling business, when one opportunity falls away, it's another opportunity for somebody else. So it would be good to see who steps up from there, but if he leaves the company, would I be disappointed? Absolutely, but like I said, it would be interesting to see who stepped into that role."

From his interview with That's a great attitude but is there a viable replacement of Ray's level on the TNA roster?

If Sting can't have a match with Undertaker, he wants Triple H


"If that can't happen, Triple H, I think. I just would like to have one more match. I would love to say I had one match under the WWE banner and, of course, WrestleMania. Who wouldn't want to say that they wrestled at WrestleMania at least one time."

Via Orlando Sentinel. On the surface, a Sting vs. Triple H match doesn't hold a great deal of intrigue. Unless, of course, we get a throwback to 1997 with The Authority taking the place of the nWo and Triple H assuming Hollywood Hogan's role. Oh, the possibilities...

"Where do you think Dean Ambrose is right now?"


The WWE is asking the fans on where they think is Ambrose now. Of course we all now what he is doing now, but what would you choose from these options? - At home in bed, heeling up - Hiding in a box, waiting to strike - Wandering around the desert - Out at sea, getting away from it all - Driving across the country solving mysteries Or: - Locked in a gas station bathroom, plotting his next move.

Ethan Carter 3 on TNA negotiations with Spike TV


"There is a lot of chatter and I think a lot of misinformation but I know that Spike and TNA are in constant negotiations and I leave that to them. What I do know is that we have an awesome product that is continually getting better each and every week so if it’s Spike, if it’s somewhere else we are an asset and will continue moving forward and I’m very confident in our future as a company."

From his interview with Between the Ropes. Later on this evening, Impact will air on Spike TV on a Wednesday night for the first time. Will its success in its new timeslot affect its future prospects? Stay tuned.

Ronda Rousey on possible future in WWE


"You never know. I have a lot of crazy opportunities on my plate right now. I’m going to try to do as many as possible at the right time or at the best time. Tonight, I’m just here as a fan."

From her interview with The flirting continues but it's looking more and more like it's just that; flirting, and nothing more.

Roman Reigns debuting new look at SummerSlam tonight


"What I'm wearing for SummerSlam, I'm pretty excited about. Its kind of the same template of vest. It's just a different set up. Probably by WrestleMania, I'll debut a whole different type of vest. It's really cool to have cool gear."

From his interview with Crave Online. It doesn't sound like he's making a big change, but improvements can always be made, right?

Batista talks WWE pay structure since Network launch


"From the talent's perspective, that's a tough question because I could put myself in a politically incorrect spot. As of this moment with the WWE Network losing money, I don't think the talent is benefiting the way they should, and rightfully should be."

From his interview with The LAW. That's a safe but still honest response to a question no one wants to get anywhere near right now.

Vince Russo justifies his decision not to review TNA Impact anymore


"First and foremost: I cannot condone the extreme and excessive, man-on-woman violence that I saw on last week’s episode. Even though I am fully aware that wrestling is a "work", Thursday’s act went beyond even my moral values. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the way it was done, and just as I refused to write for that particular episode, I now chose to stop writing about the product entirely."

Wow, that's rich, coming from the man who scripted this spot.

Shaul Guerrero claims she left WWE in 2012 to recover from an eating disorder


"Actually, I went into rehab for an eating disorder. I was really close to Joey Mercury when I was in FCW, he was my mentor and my coach. He, along with the strength and conditioning coach there at the time, noticed that I was really sick and I just wasn't mentally okay and physically I was doing a really bad job of keeping up with what I needed to do and they finally convinced me to go into rehab for a long time disease I had. So I took two months [off] and stayed in a [rehab] facility and from then on, I just didn’t know how to come back into wrestling and still keep my recovery intact because this business is very much focused on how you look. So I was just not ready for that kind of challenge, so I took a whole year off. I really focused on myself and really needed to get healthy: mentally, emotionally [and] spiritually, and that's where I was."

In an interview with's Chris Kelly, Shaul Guerrero reveals the shocking reason why she left NXT in the autumn of 2012 for a year. There were rumors at the time that "the business lifestyle may not be good for her" and "she may not have been emotionally ready for it", given that she was only 21 years old at the time. I guess we now knows what that meant. Congratulations to Shaul for being so open about such a controversial topic and for managing to recover from such a difficult problem.

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