When asked if he would rather be attacked by a swarm of bees or a bear, this is what Roman Reigns said

"Oooooh, bees. I feel like I could run away from the bees. Not the bear. I think it would walk me down. And then [bears] like climb trees and stuff, too, so like I think the bees would be the best way to go. I'd jump in water or something. And that's happened to me before. I ended up butt-naked, running through my front yard. So yeah, I think I could handle that better than a bear."

From SB Nation. It should be noted that everyone else who was asked chose the bear.

AJ Styles on the health of TNA

"I know they've made a lot of cuts. That must mean they're not doing so well. Sting gone, Hogan gone, myself gone, and I'm sure we're going to see more cuts soon. From what I've heard and been told, it's been horribly mismanaged as a company. I don't know if they're going out of business. But they're definitely doing things that make people think they're going out of business. And I hope they don't. I hope TNA doesn't go out of business because I have a lot of good friends that work there and deserve to be in the national spotlight. My hope is that they never go out of business."

From his interview with the Baltimore Sun, where he also says it doesn't look like he's headed back anytime soon if at all.

Bret Hart comments further on Ultimate Warrior passing away

"I'm deeply saddened at the sudden passing of Jim Hellwig, The Ultimate Warrior. I wish I'd been kinder to him in the last moments that we had this past weekend at WrestleMania 30. We did cross paths once or twice, but we were all so busy. I never went out of my way to see him, but if I could... I'd tell him he looked good. He looked content and he looked like he'd finally found happiness within his children and his wife. He never ever harmed me nor did we really work with one another... I wish we had. His final ring promo breaks my heart. I've many fond memories of times we shared, only now do they pile up in my head. I'd also tell him that he was right, he never was such a bad guy. My thoughts are with his wife and children. I never thought his time would be so short. I know one thing, I will never forget him."

Bret Hart took to Twitter to talk further about Ultimate Warrior after he passed away this past Tuesday (April 8, 2014) in Arizona.

DDP releases statement on Nancy Grace appearance talking Ultimate Warrior's death

"I went on Nancy Grace last night expecting to discuss Warrior the man. Had I known the only topic discussed would be steroids I would not have participated. At the time I was also unaware of the list that was shown to the viewing audience. To imply that all of the wrestlers on that list died from steroids was wrong and for that they owe the families an apology. Again, my only intention was to discuss Warrior the man and share some stories about how dedicated he was to the wrestling business. I am saddened that was not what happened and my thoughts remain with his family."

To read more and see the appearance yourself click here.

Bret Hart comments on The Ultimate Warrior's passing

"It’s really ironic the way he died — it was almost like he willed it or something. He wrote his own ending."

Bret Hart gave these strange comments to SLAM! Wrestling about The Ultimate Warrior's death.

Hulk Hogan says he has one more match left in him

"Yeah, I do. I do have one more match in me. With the right guy... never say never in the WWE Universe, brother. I've learned that. On the current roster, if I had to call one guy out -- and I love this guy to death because he is the flagship, he is the horsepower to this company -- if there's one guy I had to call out, it would be John Cena."

From his interview with Bryan Cheung. Something tells me WWE will never let this happen, thankfully.

Paul Heyman promo after Brock Lesnar beat Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania 30

"Why? Why does this surprise you? I told you this was going to happen. Did you doubt my strategy? Did you doubt that I could lead the single greatest most accomplished athlete in WWE history to do what he was born to do, to conquer the streak? Brock Lesnar conquered the NCAA Division 1 heavyweight championship. A dairy farm boy from South Dakota? Brock Lesnar was the youngest WWE champion; four months in the WWE and he pins The Rock in the middle of the ring and becomes the Undisputed champion. Brock Lesnar goes to UFC and in his third UFC fight he knocks out the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time, Randy Couture, to be the UFC heavyweight champion. Why would you ever doubt this man would be capable of conquering the streak. And when he is guided by Paul Heyman's strategy... I told you I wanted the streak. I got what I wanted. I get everything I want because yea, though I walk through the valley of the Deadman, I fear no evil because I walk beside Brock Lesnar."

From his interview with Renee Young. This was masterful. Go watch it.

Warning issued to WWE Hall of Fame ceremony 2014 attendees

Welcome to Wrestlemania 30 weekend and the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!!! Please show the proper respect to the WWE Superstars and Hall of Fame Inductees when they are on stage speaking. There will be no inappropriate behavior, cat calls or chants of any kind tolerated at all. Violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from The Smoothie King Center without warning. Thank you and enjoy the 2014 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Wrestlemania 30.

An e-mail was sent out to all fans with tickets to the show letting them know that if they get unruly, they'll be booted from the arena. The "no chants of any kind" stipulation may be problematic, no?

BREAKING NEWS: Hulk Hogan tells the truth

"We’ve had 30 WrestleManias, so what’s next? 30 more? 60 more? No, Vince wants WrestleMania 31 to be under this groundswell of the WWE Network. So here he is rolling the dice again. He’s had 30 years of getting things locked in and now he’s ready to take this thing where no entertainment company has ever been. The WWE Network is one of the reasons I wanted to come back. I know how great Vince has made things, and I know this is his vision, so I wanted to come back so I can be here to ride this wave all the way in."

In his interview with Sports Illustrated, Hulk Hogan admits he came back to WWE to ride the wave of success the company is hoping to achieve with the WWE Network. He did it, everyone. He actually told the truth. Anything is possible.

Hulk Hogan wants Ultimate Warrior in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30

"I don't know, man. I just sort of want somebody to step up and make a statement. To have somebody crazy just go in there and clear the whole ring out. Or have The Ultimate Warrior show up. Or something crazy happening. Something to tear the house down. But I'm not really sure. It's anybody's game."

From his interview with There are still three spots available in the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal and Hogan's idea of Ultimate Warrior showing up has been thrown around before. Are we on board with it, Cagesiders?

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