KENTA signs


Here he is people... get ready to protect your head WWE superstars...

Jim Ross Does Video Game Commentary


Courtesy of Youtuber TheBlueOwlPlays, here's yet another video spliced with Jim Ross commentary. Because Jim Ross commentary is the best.

It's okay, everyone, the Bella Twins appear to be searching for Brad Maddox


That is what this picture from their joint Twitter account means, right? RIGHT?!? SOMEONE HELP BRAD MADDOX!!

Pic: Darren Young gets 'no days off' in WWE 2K15


Darren Young revealed his inclusion on the WWE 2K15 roster during the GaymerX opening ceremony. Though based on his recent slump inside the ring, I'd expect him to get a few "days off" on your home console.

First Poster for Wrestlemania 31


If you all turn your attention to the Levis Stadium website, on the Wrestlemania page happens to be this very graphic, which just so happens to be the first official poster for next year's Wrestlemania. Oh, and look who's on it. Rock return confirmed? Stay tuned.

Sting didn't like final contract offer from TNA


"I know that whatever happened in TNA at the end - I believe they could not come to an agreement. I could be wrong, I'm not Sting, and no one in the office is really going to tell me, but I heard they had a deal; an offer, and Sting did not like it. Sting is a rare breed. He still to this day does not want to give up. If he's not in TNA, I would love to see him have one last run in WWE."

Kurt Angle tells Jim Ross on his podcast that Sting didn't like the offer he received from TNA before bailing on the promotion in January and starting this months long flirtation with WWE, one that is still ongoing.

Why aren't we talking about the Ottawa Screwjob?!?!


Damien Shawndow didn't screw Damien Shawndow. Bret Hart screwed Damien Shawndow. And Chris Jericho helped. JBL may be right about those Canadians...

The San Francisco Giants are "Yes"-ing


Title says it all.

Rewatching Vengeance 2003 when suddenly, BUNNY! THE BUNNY!


Bradshaw and Farooq were being interviewed by Funaki backstage (that's a bottle of Jack in JBL's hand), when this furry little critter popped outta nowhere. (Farooq followed it with a, "Well I'll be DAMNED!")

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