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These two beautiful badasses are already at NXT in Orlando, learning how to pro wrestle WWE style. It's only a matter of time, Cagesiders. Photo via @FergalDevitt.

WWE Raw as a 90s sitcom (Video)


This is a cool video from WWE but I'm not getting a 1990s vibe from it. This feels more early 1980s to me. You?

Why don't we have a standalone HBO Go? Look to the WWE Network for an answer


Todd Vanderwerff uses the WWE Network as an example of why we won't see a stand alone HBO Go service for quite some time. He dosen't use the fact that HBO via corp incest is basically tied into the current cable establishment hard but that's so known at this point.

TNA signs one-legged American war hero


Earlier today, TNA announced the signing of American war hero and single leg amputee, Chris Melendez, to a multi-year contract. He lost his leg from an improvised explosive device whilst serving in Iraq in 2003. Melendez will make his debut for TNA at their August 5-7 tapings in New York City. Hopefully this isn't just a desperation sympathy move on TNA's part.

RAW: The Sitcom


RAW's opening edited to resemble your stereotypical 90's TGIF sitcom complete with cheesy music and still frames on the ensemble darkhorse.

So far, so good in Stamford and on Wall Street


The subscriber number might be lower than hoped, but early reaction from investors to cost-cutting and expansion plans has been favorable. More analysis and detail from the conference call to come - we'll see what that does to this number. Via Google Finance.

NYT: Jesse Ventura gets $1.8 million in defamation trial win


The New York Times reported yesterday that the jury in the Jesse "The Body" Ventura defamation trial ruled 8-2 in his favor and awarded him $1.8 million in damages. It seems inevitable that the ruling will be contested by the Kyle estate, but it does give Ventura public bragging rights for now. Such a silver tongued public orator, shaped by nearly two decades of cutting top class wrestling promos and doing color commentary, will be tough to beat in the witness box, and thus he'll likely win the final legal war too.

Ricardo Rodriguez released by WWE


it's official

Vince Russo Done With TNA


Just days after Spike TV announced that they were cancelling Impact when their TV deal expires in October, Vince Russo tweets he's done with the company. He was recently outed as a consultant for the company after he sent an errant email. And Spike didn't like it too much, leading many to speculate it was the nail in the coffin on the company's TV deal. Russo is expected to make a statement on his website soon. Too little, too late for TNA?

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