CSS Survivor Series Tournament Final: Team Slothstroanut vs. Lords of Destruction

CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Final 4-Day 15; Thur., Nov. 29, 2012 - June M. Williams

The CSS Survivor Series Tournament crowns a champion in this Finals match-up pitting Team Slothstronaut vs. Lords of Destruction.

What a trip it's been, huh?

Matthew Roth drafted steady and strong from his number two position, grabbing Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Mankind, Terry Funk, Booker T, and Robocop. He would go on to win his three match-ups by a combined 17 votes, knocking off Team Extreme (ultmma), The Kilts O' Carnage (s1rude), and The Bionic Harts (J-Rodzilla).

Dark Talon, meanwhile, was far more dominant. Despite a less than desirable draft position -- he was stuck with the eighth pick -- the Lords of Destruction were crafted with selections like Undertaker, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Edge, Christian, and Paul Bearer. His victories were over The Whole Damn Foot (C.J. "Benedict Arnold" Bradford), The Undefeatables (hfl2013), and the Damn Dragons (bmf1314) by a combined 46 votes.

Now, the two meet for all the marbles.

Once again, the teams:

Team Slothstronaut

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Booker T
Terry Funk
Brian Pillman
Robocop (WC)


Lords of Destruction

Rob Van Dam
Paul Bearer (WC)

You'll vote in this tournament in the same way we've voted in every other tournament. Take a look at the teams you see above and choose who you think the winner should be.

To vote Team Slothstronaut simply write: Vote - Sloth
To vote Lords of Destruction simply write: Vote - Lords

Good luck!

Roth wants you to vote for Team Sloth:

Look you dicks, Robocop and Stone Cold Steve Austin would get along. Both stood for justice: Robocop as a member of the Detroit Police Department and Stone Cold as the Sherif of Monday Night Raw. And even if you want to pull that bullshit of "oh yeah, well that wasn't during SCSA's prime" which all of you marks are gonna do, Stone Cold still saved the Billion Dollar Princess from being sacrificed. So shut up, he's a good guy.


As usual, Dark Talon has a promo as well:

Ross: "Welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are only one day away from the Finals of the Survivor Series Tournament. We'll see Team Slothstronaut taking on the Lords of Destruction."
Lawler: "It's gonna have Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane and the Undertaker, Mankind...you know it's going to be a good one!"
Ross: "Team Slothstronaut is tougher than a two dollar steak but the Lords of Destruction will bring the hellfire needed to cook it..."
(Kane's pyro hits and Undertaker's bell rings)

Ross: "Speaking of hellfire, business is about to pick up here!"

(The Lords of Destruction enter the ring and Undertaker takes the mic)
Undertaker: "So we've reached the end. One final match to decide it all. We've buried The Whole Damn Foot where the sun doesn't shine. We defeated the so-called Undefeatables and we slayed the Damn Dragons. Team Slothstronaut is next on this reaper's list. Tonight, there are no tricks. We've reached the end. And we all know, standing there at the end, will be this reaper and his four horsemen. Be in this ring at the end of this night Slothstronauts, and we will give you a glimpse of what your future holds. You may have Steve Austin, but we have something that is truly STONE. COLD."
(The lights dim, the Lords exit, and the show goes on.)

Ross: Well, we've been waiting all night. It's time to find out what the Lords of Destruction have to show Team Slothstronaut. Team Slothstronaught has made their way to the ring and are awaiting what the Lords have in store...
(The lights go out and torch carrying druids enter while chanting.)
(The druids are pulling a cart behind them. An object is on the cart covered by a black sheet.)
(Once the cart is by the ring, the chanting stops and the Undertaker appears on the Titantron.)

Undertaker: "There is only one thing in life that is truly Stone Cold. And that, is the icy grip of death itself. Tomorrow, you will all find out what it means to truly REST. IN. PEACE."
(The druids remove the sheet to reveal Team Slothstronaut's tombstone.)

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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