Wrestling's Mount Rushmore (Managers): Highlights

John McKeon on Wikimedia Commons

Some thoughts, highlights, and best comments from the recent Wrestling's Mount Rushmore: Managers

Few days ago we looked at your all-time managers in wrestling. As always, there were some great debates in the comments, so let's check out the highlights.

  • Actually, this is more of a low-light: the poll. I, stupidly, put Heyman in the "best active WWE manager" poll, and yeah it was a blowout. Out of 275 votes, Heyman received 86% of them. Second place was Zeb, and The Funkadactyls didn't even receive one troll vote!
  • Rex came out guns blazing with his choices, and a lot of people agreed with him. Rex is like, OMG, sooo popular in these articles.
  • The ladies were picked early by IRodC (Sensational Sherri) and BIGPALE (Miss Elizabeth).
  • My Big Mouth went big time with Miss Elizabeth getting a $1,000,000 government bond.
  • Hollywood J Blaq busted out a list of all the greats that Freddie Blassie managed.
  • Giant Storm was a big fan of Virgil apparently.
  • phlash74 was also a big fan of Bobby Heenan. With a great gif that followed.
  • ExplicitMoxViolence got into the debate of managers vs. valets. Some felt valets (Miss Elizabeth in particular) shouldn't be included. I thought they should, mainly because I'm not doing a Mount Rushmore: Valet Edition. :)
  • Like always things started to get a little weird, with animals and props...
  • TMadeBurner used the term "Silly Goose"
  • Filename apparently uses a $3 and $4 bill in his world.


Now onto the most Rec'd picks:

#4 BIGPALE - 9 Recs - Heenan, Heyman, Bearer, Miss Elizabeth

#3 LeoMonsoon - 12 Recs - Heenan, Heenan, Heenan, Heenan

#2 Giant Storm - 15 Recs - Virgil, Virgil, Virgil, Virgil

#1 Rex - 33 Recs - Heenan, Heyman, Cornette, Bearer


via upload.wikimedia.org

Bobby Heenan and Paul Heyman are the two no-brainers. After that there was a mix of Jim Cornette, Paul Bearer, Miss Elizabeth, Jimmy Hart, and "Classy" Freddie Blassie


Great stuff, Cagesiders, thanks for responding! If you have a suggestion for the next Mount Rushmore, put your thoughts in the comments below and it could be next on the list!


Previous Rushmore Articles: All-Time Men, All-Time Women, ECW, HOSS

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