Wrestling's Mount Rushmore: Highlights

Matthew Glover at Wikimedia Commons

Some thoughts, highlights, and best comments from the recent Wrestling's Mount Rushmore: All-Time Greats article.

Yesterday, I had you guys pick your Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, and it got a fantastic response! I wanted to pull out some of the highlights and top comments from it, so here we go!

  • The first post showing the indy Mount Rushmore group offended me more than it should have.
  • If I made one change to my four it would be Flair. The other three just did too much for me to remove them. GG brought wrestling to TV, Bruno kept those eyes on the TV (and in the stands), and Hogan brought in a worldwide audience. If Flair was left off, I would then have the tough decision of adding either Austin or Lou Thesz. I'm leaning Austin since my theme is becoming who literally took wrestling to the next level. Rex was right when he said if asked tomorrow his list would be different...
  • *Asterisk* used an asterisk in his post.
  • Major listed Larry Matysik's top 50 wrestlers of all-time.
  • The Kraken started an interesting Presidential Rushmore conversation.
  • Major then listed the top draws (via Dave Meltzer) for each year dating back to 1908! I need to do more research on Jim Londos, a top draw in the 20's and 40's.
  • tkatt00 took this article in a direction I had not thought about, but would make for a good future criteria: Same guy, different gimmicks.
  • John S. Nash made an appearance!
  • We found out JBL is a Cagsider, 100% sure of this, don't bring me down...
  • Vince McMahon still found his way into the comments, gah!
  • aggie42087 came up with a great way to add in honorable mentions via money faces.
  • The last comment, as of this writing, was Hifismark - "Your four are my four. Can’t argue with a one of them. And yes, Gorgeous George deserves to be there. He MADE wrestling a TV attraction. Without George Wagner there never would have been a national audience for wrestling. Period." So we can just close the comments, ending with that one. :)


Finally, the top 3 most rec'd Rushmore lineups:

#3 Bad-Horse - Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold

#2 Rex - Gorgeous George, Mistahuru Misawa, Randy Savage, Stone Cold

#1 Periander - HHH, HHH, HHH, HHH


Thanks to everyone who responded, I'll do up another one of these in the near future. I'm thinking we will try a company specific one next time!

Until then!

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