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TNA signs one-legged American war hero


Earlier today, TNA announced the signing of American war hero and single leg amputee, Chris Melendez, to a multi-year contract. He lost his leg from an improvised explosive device whilst serving in Iraq in 2003. Melendez will make his debut for TNA at their August 5-7 tapings in New York City. Hopefully this isn't just a desperation sympathy move on TNA's part.

Latest TNA rumors: no backup TV deal in place

TNA's future looks very bleak, as there seems to be no interest in Impact within the American TV industry, partially due to losing mainstream stars like Hulk Hogan, and is outright lying to its...

NYT: Jesse Ventura gets $1.8 million in defamation trial win


The New York Times reported yesterday that the jury in the Jesse "The Body" Ventura defamation trial ruled 8-2 in his favor and awarded him $1.8 million in damages. It seems inevitable that the ruling will be contested by the Kyle estate, but it does give Ventura public bragging rights for now. Such a silver tongued public orator, shaped by nearly two decades of cutting top class wrestling promos and doing color commentary, will be tough to beat in the witness box, and thus he'll likely win the final legal war too.

Jesse Ventura defamation trial: Jury deliberating

Will Jesse "The Body" Ventura be vindicated in the court of law and win his lawsuit against the late Chris Kyle for defamation? Kyle claimed that he had assaulted Ventura in 2006 for anti-American...


Video: Watch the full WWE Mattel presentation from the San Diego Comic Con


Combine a rowdy crowd with the super over Daniel Bryan, the quick witted Paul Heyman and the legendary Hulk Hogan and the result is a Q&A as awesome as you'd expect with those three. Even Michael Cole does a great job of presiding over affairs. One of the highlights was a fan asking Daniel Bryan whether he gets paid royalties for appearing on the WWE Network like pay-per-view in the past. Bryan's brutally honest and humorous answer: "Yeah, I don't think anyone knows how that works, it's a new system." Then Sting turns up in full Crow garb as a surprise. Enjoy, Cagesiders.

The Rock's Hercules movie open does alright

Although Hercules wasn't quite the smash hit that I'm sure The Rock hoped for, early figures suggest that the film is on course to make a healthy profit and should solidify his status as one of...

Rey Mysterio doesn't want WWE's money!

It's looking increasingly likely that Rey Mysterio won't be returning to WWE, after he's stopped cashing their checks, which may be a prelude to taking legal action against the company to get out...

WWE considering legal action against CM Punk?

There's talk that WWE management are still considering taking legal action against CM Punk for breach of contract and that they were mad at him for mocking the company in his recent interview on...

Spike TV hates Vince Russo, misled by TNA over him

Dave Meltzer is reporting that the reason TNA was so secretive about rehiring Vince Russo as a creative consultant was because Spike TV hates Vince Russo and they didn't want their television...

WWE Battleground match preview: Jericho vs. Wyatt

Has Bray Wyatt bitten off more than he can chew with the man who possesses the heart of a lion, Chris Jericho?

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