Hulk Holland

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When Rusev loses, I'll go back to hating Swagger

Until then, I have to support the big galoot, even if he is a heel in disguise. Because together we face a common enemy and if we don't unite, we fall. Besides, it's not like we're getting any help...

Slapstick Saturday: Hornswaggle Is Now Homeless

Slapstick Saturday hearkens back to the Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show feud from 2003, which included their epic ring collapse spot from Smackdown, one that left Hornswaggle homeless.

Lesnar is back and I'm happy (just don't ask why)

Hulk Holland admits he lost his shit when Brock Lesnar made his long-awaited return on Monday Night RAW, but also admits he's not sure why, since the "Beast Incarnate" didn't really do anything...

RAW Proves Ladies Are No Longer An Accessory

Monday Night RAW proved what we already knew: The Divas (and surrounding female talent) are capable of delivering outstanding work -- but only if Creative and the powers-that-be give them the...

Slapstick Saturday presents: Bottleground!


In honor of this weekend's Battleground 2014 event on WWE Network, Slapstick Saturday is featuring a special botch, blooper, or bomb from each match.

Battleground: Desperate times = Desperate Emails


Hulk Holland previews the Battleground 2014 pay-per-view (PPV) event from Tampa, available on the WWE Network, as well as some of the unusual correspondence that preceded it.

X, marks, the spot

What do you get when you combine the referee "X' with the marks who saw the spot? Exactly what you would hope for in pro wrestling. Uncertainty!

Slapstick Saturday: HEEEEEEEE!

Slapstick Saturday is back with a special "Earthquake" edition, featuring a man dressed like a swollen candy cane making weird foghorn-type noises. WWE, y'all.

Pic: Darren Young gets 'no days off' in WWE 2K15


Darren Young revealed his inclusion on the WWE 2K15 roster during the GaymerX opening ceremony. Though based on his recent slump inside the ring, I'd expect him to get a few "days off" on your home console.

In absence of legend, there is legacy

Hulk Holland takes a look at Daniel Bryan's injury, as well as where the former WWE champion stands in the industry after finally making it to the summit of professional wrestling.

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