2021: WWE Time Capsule

There's a lot of change currently in motion in WWE and even more to come in the next few years. With that in mind I wanted to create a time capsule for what the WWE will look like in the future. Some of these ideas are bold, some are realistic, and some are pipe dreams but there's a place for everything in the capsule.

Divas feuds will start to regularly main event PPVs. By "main event" I mean that they will be one of the three matches on each show that has a produced video package before it. I don't think that WWE will ever let a Divas match ever headline a pay-per-view (PPV) show though because I don't think the company will ever be that progressive with women's wrestling. However, with the breadth of women's talent in NXT it's inevitable that women's feuds will get prominent spots on PPVs going forward.

A black man will win the WWE title. Either Mark Henry will get it for a short run as a retirement present or Big E [Langston]* will run with it.

*There have been a lot of mistakes with Big E's character. I think if they had chosen to call him just Langston instead that would have helped him and opened up a bunch more opportunities for him (i.e. he's a worldy, intelligent guy so you could potentially tie in the work of Langston Hughes into his character.) Give GreceRomanGuy's story a read about how WWE has botched Langston's build so far.

Vince will step down and fully hand the company over to Paul and Stephanie. Vince McMahon turns 69 in August. In seven year's he'll be closer to 80 than 70. At times like he'll keep working until he just dies one day backstage. I think he's smart enough to realize that he's slowing down and that it's time to hand the company over to Steph and Paul. He'll still be around but the decision making will be out of his hands.

The current Bray Wyatt character won't win the WWE title. His character doesn't need it. He'll be in the top non-title feud numerous times and will headline shows because of his character's on-screen magnetism, but his character doesn't need the belt. Wyatt has been compared often to Jake Roberts. Roberts never won any WWE gold. Has that affected his legacy? No. It won't hurt Bray either.

Today many say LOLCENAWINS. In seven years it will be LOLREIGNSWINS

Dean Ambrose will be the next great anti-hero. If you've followed WWE at all the last few months you can see the seeds being sown for Ambrose to become a character akin to this guy and Ambrose vs. The Authority could be a feud that could be revisited time and time again. Ambrose refers to himself as a scumbag. Austin flipped the crowd off. Both theme songs have a great hook at the beginning (revving motor and the breaking glass). Both are the top thorns in the side of the top authority figures. Hopefully Ambrose's build doesn't get botched because he can transcend the medium if given the chance.

We will have an entire new commentary team.

The titles will be split. This isn't that hard to posit, especially for something seven years out, but I think the belts will be split and fall into a very distinct, baseball-like hierarchy. The US Title will be Single-A, the IC belt will be Double-A, the World belt will be Triple-A, and the WWE title will be the Majors. There's a need to properly tier the belts and create an entry-level title, US Belt, for young, fledgling talent. Yes there is NXT, but NXT is such a different animal from Monday/Sunday nights that a low-level belt will be essential in giving top NXT talent runs with a title to see if they can carry feuds and matches.

Speaking of titles, the tag title belts will get redesigned within the next seven years, but the WWE title will look exactly the same.

John Cena will have a heel run. It will be glorious. A lot of this is contingent on Roman Reigns reaching his potential and becoming "The Guy" because if that happens it would open Cena's character up for a heel run near the end, preferably to massively put over a few young babyfaces. Cena's a face as long as his merch sells. I think we'll see Reigns take over the spot in the next 2-3 years alongside Daniel Bryan and Ambrose. With that Cena will get to go rogue for one short run. Also, his theme song will be this.

After his heel run John Cena will go face and become a Taker/Lesnar like attraction No one will deny that Cena loves this business, but at 37 how many good years he has left is a question mark. He's put his body through hell and back time and again. Even as he steps aside for the next generation there are few, in the history of the business, that have been able to incite the masses like he can. Because Cena is that talented he'll enter the rarefied air of part-time headliners and work Mania, SummerSlam, etc. in top programs.

Chris Jericho will continue to make returns. We'll keep loving it. He'll continue to put over young talent. We'll keep loving him.

And finally...........

The WWE Network will shut down and WWE will return to a PPV model. The subscriber count is nowhere close to getting the network solvent, money is being bled like Ric Flair is blading, the TV deal paid far less than expected, and the stock....well we know about that. The Network has been great for the fan, but the financial cost to the company can't be understated. Much of the financial strain has been a byproduct of the network launch and it looks as though the network hasn't, and, in my opinion, won't reach it target goals to solvent. At some point WWE will cut their losses, find TV homes for Main Event and NXT, and move on.

Those are my entrants for the time capsule. What do you guys think WWE will look like in seven years?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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