Greatest Heel Tournament First Round Match-ups, Schedule

UPDATE: We'll be getting underway tomorrow after some difficulties getting graphics worked out. Apologies for the misunderstanding and thank you for your patience.

This past week, we went through the nomination process for the Cageside Seats Greatest Heel Tournament. Then, we announced the field of 64 complete with a list of the seedings. However, we did not reveal the first round match-ups, which we'll do right here, along with the schedule for the entire opening round.

Let's get it:

Fri., July 4: (2) CM Punk vs. (15) Jerry Lawler
Sat., July 5: (7) Eddie Guerrero vs. (10) Eric Bischoff
Sun., July 6: (3) Triple H vs. (14) Yokozuna
Mon., July 7: (6) Gorgeous George vs. (11) John Cena
Tues., July 8: (4) Shawn Michaels vs. (13) Mark Henry
Wed., July 9: (2) Roddy Piper vs. (15) Vince Russo
Thurs., July 10: (3) Stephanie McMahon vs. (14) Bully Ray
Fri., July 11: (7) Iron Shiek vs. (10) Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sat., July 12: (1) Ric Flair vs. (16) Nick Bockwinkel
Sun., July 13: (8) Scott Hall vs. (9) Brian Pillman
Mon., July 14: (5) Bray Wyatt vs. (12) Andre the Giant
Tues., July 15: (4) Rick Rude vs. (13) Harley Race
Wed., July 16: (6) Edge vs. (11) Terry Funk
Thurs., July 17: (8) Randy Orton vs. (9) Bad News Barrett
Fri., July 18: (3) Hollywood Hogan vs. (14) Owen Hart
Sat., July 19: (7) Andy Kaufman vs. (10) Jim Cornette
Sun., July 20: (1) Paul Heyman vs. (16) Larry Zbyszko
Mon., July 21: (5) Curt Hennig vs. (12) Scott Steiner
Tues., July 22: (2) Ted DiBiase vs. (15) Stan Hansen
Wed., July 23: (8) Undertaker vs. (9) Kane
Thurs., July 24: (4) Brock Lesnar vs. (13) Billy Graham
Fri., July 25: (6) The Rock vs. (11) Raven
Sat., July 26: (7) Vickie Guerrero vs. (10) Batista
Sun., July 27: (8) JBL vs. (9) Seth Rollins
Mon., July 28: (1) Bobby Heenan vs. (16) Bob Backlund
Tues., July 29: (6) Bret Hart vs. (11) Vader
Wed., July 30: (5) William Regal vs. (12) Goldust
Thurs., July 31: (2) Chris Jericho vs. (15) Freddie Blassie
Fri., Aug. 1: (4) Randy Savage vs. (13) Sherri Martel
Sat., Aug. 2: (3) Jake Roberts vs. (14) Booker T
Sun., Aug. 3: (1) Vince McMahon vs. (16) I.R.S.
Mon., Aug. 4: (5) Kurt Angle vs. (12) Dutch Mantel

There you have it, Cagesiders. What match-up are you looking forward to most?

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