wrestling`s "We didn`t start the fire"

I decided to re write the lyrics to Billy Joel`s "We didn`t start the fire", and make them about pro wrestling. I posted this in the daily thread, but was advised to also make it a fanpost.

Brian Pillman, Judgement Day, DX, Chyna, Bubba Ray, Punjabi Prison, James Mitchell, Rey Mysterio.
Jeff Hardy, Edge and Christian, Undertaker, X Divison, Trish and Lita, John Cena, Russo on a pole.
Goldberg, pipe bomb, summer Rae, Titantron, Ambrose, Big show Cries, Poke of doom in the eyes
People power, cheap heat, bookers got a new queen, Royal Rumble, Liberace, The Streak is Beat, Goodbye!!
Kane didn`t start the fire. It was always burning, since Heels were turning
Kane didn`t start the fire, If Cena Wins we Riot, like Paul Heymans Client

Seth Rollins, Kozlov, Assman, Tough enough, Sheamus Fella, Nikki Bella, Wrestlemania
Stone Cold, Bret and Shawn, Summerslam, Smackdown, Two out of Three Falls, Got to beat the clock.
Piledriver, Butterbean, Brooklyns got JTG, Mr.Socko, steph Mcmahon, Hunter Helmsley, Big boss Man
Steiner Math, Punks the best, Alabam Slam, YES!!, Christian`s Face, The Briefcase, Trouble now with Rusev!!

Repeat Chorus

Dwayne The Rock, Barbershop, Ortman Randall, Crowd Pops. Superkick, Brand Split, Raw is Jericho.
Eric Bischoff, Micheal Cole, Shut your mouth and know your role, Punk has a microphone, ECW.
Hardcore Holly, Thumbtacks, Spot Monkey, Ryback, Heyman Shoots, Big Boots, JR`s Barbeque.
Brawl for all, AJ Lee, Paige and Mr.Kennedy, Psycho Sid, is Psycho, Shane is on Nitro!!!!

Repeat chorus.

Hammerstein, 3 man band, wyatt Family, sidewalk slam, Pete Rose tombstone, Diamond dallas Page.
Bobby Heenan, Spirit Squad, Kevin Nash tore his quad, Kevin Dunn, Vince gets stunned, La Familia.
paul levesque, GTS, Edge and Lita live sex
Y2J, HBK, What more do I have to say???

Repeat chorus

Right To censor, Pedigree, Kurt Angle, Flying Knee, Hornswaggle, Rock Bottom, Kane and Katy Vick.
New World Order, APA, Chuck Palumbo, War Games, Your gonna get your, fucking head kicked in.
Bob Orton, Last ride, Dusty`s hitting Hard Times, Shockmaster, Titty Master, Taz and Sabu
Matt Striker, Frog Splash, Shawn and Razors Ladder match, Monday Night, Ratings Wars, I can`t take it anymore!!!!

Repeat chours.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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