DDP Yoga, a Cagesider's Review - Day 0

To start, a little about me. I was a baseball player from the age of 3. I always played at a high level, and kept myself in good shape. After graduating high school, I went on to pitch in Junior College baseball. I had never taken school very seriously, and didn’t realize till it was too late that even the best athletes need some kind of grades to play at a 4 year college. My first year of college, I was in shape and came in at a healthy 6 foot 4, 225 pounds. While throwing a bullpen in front of a scout from San Diego, I hyper-extended my left knee and tore my ACL, MCL and dislocated my kneecap. Surgery was recommended, but at the time I wasn't the most forward thinking 17 year old & decided "screw it, college sucks anyway". I didn’t get the surgery, dropped out of school, and quit playing the thing that had defined me for the last 14 years. My completely shot knee led to years of apathy and sitting on my ass, with the excuse always being that I couldn't run or workout because my knee was wrecked.

At the time of writing this, I am weighing in at a very rotund 313 pounds. I've always been a very confident person, but lately I’ve decided that enough was enough.

After many unsuccessful attempts at getting myself into better shape, I finally broke down and decided to give DDP Yoga a shot. After all the good things I had heard, and the failures I have had, I figured I had nothing to lose. This is a personal account of me using the program. Hopefully this will help anyone out there who is on the fence or even a little bit interested in trying out the program.

Note that I will be writing this in real time – I figured it would be a more honest account if I sat down and wrote how I was feeling after each workout.

DAY 0 –

I received the basic DDP Yoga set on Monday, June 9. Considering I ordered it late Thursday night, I was pretty happy with the quick arrival. Inside there is one DVD, a GIANT poster detailing all of the "Diamond Dozen" moves (the core positions that DDP Yoga is based around), and a 49 page program guide.

The first thing I did was thumb through the guide and get a little bit better idea of what the hell I had just gotten myself into. First impression: This guy Diamond Dallas Page is relentlessly positive. And, having watched him growing up, it’s almost impossible to read his 3 page into without hearing it in his voice. The guide includes a week-by-week plan on how to approach the workouts, with 3 different levels of intensity. There is also an incredibly in-depth guide on nutrition and the "right" way to eat. Needless to say, I was amazed by how terrible my eating habits were just from reading this alone.

The program guide seems like it will be the most important tool in this journey. Reading through it, it seems almost impossible to fail if I can just follow the simple, laid out in ink instructions. One of the things I was worried about was having them just ship me a DVD and say "figure it out". That is definetly not the case here.

Another thing I should point out is the online community that comes with DDP Yoga. Once you purchase it, you get a link to join the forum. There, I have found the most positive and inspiring people imaginable. Everyone there is in the same spot I am – simply wanting to improve their life and its quality. 1 day after signing up, I had received welcome messages from several different people, including DDP himself. Now, it was an automatically generated message, but it was still pretty cool to be instantly welcomed like that.

I received this later in the day on Monday, and since RAW is on in a few hours & I have some work to be done from home, I will be starting Workout 1 (The Diamond Dozen) on Tuesday. Here’s hoping that coward Seth Rollins gets what’s coming to him tonight. More to follow after the first workout tomorrow.

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