cSs REC Awards: Mid-Year Best Of Edition

Howdy everybody!

Since we are pretty much at the midway point of 2014, let's take some time and reflect on the past 22 editions of the REC Awards. In this special mid-year edition, I am going to be selecting my favorite comments from each edition of the REC Awards up to the latest edition (June 8-14).

To be fair, every comment featured in the RECs could be featured, but that would be a massive best of list. Therefore, I'm only going to be picking a few from each edition. Either way, you all are awesome, and I know that you all will keep being awesome.

Let's get to it!

Week of Jan 26

BringsKnivestoGunFights, Yourroleandyou, and The Notorious Eddie Mac fantasy book Curtis Axel in the Attitude Era:

Dannie Ray shares what happened while he was streaming Royal Rumble:

*Asterisk* has a request for WWE. Blueblob4life and Curtain Jerker respond:

Week of Feb 2

pjtopor questions why he reads the Rumor Roundups:

RuinedOverOut, Sandow's Superior, and Prussian Creole discuss why they wanted Batista gone after the Royal Rumble:

Cyclonejoker discuss CM Punk being insulted by having to work with Triple H:

Prussian Creole and *Asterisk* discuss Dayton getting blamed for Batista's bad reactions:

Bight Your Face Off shares a former fact:

Fanfman, phlash74, and ensabahsnore discuss a rumor about WrestleMania XXX:

Week of Feb 9

phlash74 and TheMasterGeek discuss a couple things that could happen on Cageside Seats in two years:

Yourroleandyou informs us of the next big-time superstar:

Fear the RUSH and Rex Ivanovic discuss Jeff Hardy's Willow character:

Week of Feb 16

BW Smith, UnmitigatedDisaster, ReverendKain, and BIGPALE discuss Daniel Bryan's YES Movement shirt:

Sandow's Superior suggests a scenario for Brodus Clay (which kinda came to fruition a few days ago):

rancho king and Blueblob4life discuss new gear for Christian should he have joined The Shield:

Week of Feb 23

Teamweorf tells us how awesome the Shield vs Wyatts match at Elimination Chamber was:

sun yue does some interesting fantasy booking:

Eric B. Stephen points out something featured on Yahoo:

BryanDanielson'sBeard and Klemson Krash discuss a stipulation for the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar match:

Yourroleandyou dramatizes the WWE Network woes:

Vidence tells us who could take over Vince McMahon's spot. Doors Hate MMA Fighters responds:

thehobodownthestreet proposes a new wrestling promotion in his own unique way:

Week of Mar 2

IRodC tells us about a Raw guest host that he would like to see:

Jake Nazar discusses the Triple H/Daniel Bryan storyline, and poses a fitting conclusion that we all witnessed:

Hollywood J Blaq and DFreshMMA imagine Jim Ross calling Swiss Death:

Week of Mar 9

Hollywood J Blaq shares great news while remaining committed to his gimmick:

StuckinAfghanistan shares his real worry about WrestleMania XXX:

HerpDerpson and Kryptik suggest names for a Ryback/Big E tag team:

Week of Mar 16

HallAndOates469 shares something that he read about in WWF Magazine. Cain A. Knight comes to a big conclusion:

Sandow's Superior breaks down The Ascension:

IRodC lists possibilities for WWE Network shows:

Nirya, Dr. Handsone. D.D.S., and Flashking discuss WWE DVDs discussing TNA:

Week of Mar 23

The Unholy Goalie tells a story about Eugene:

awakeasaurusrex fantasy books the Bray Wyatt/John Cena match at WrestleMania XXX in a better way than what was actually booked:

Vidence correctly fantasy books AJ Lee's opponent after WrestleMania XXX:

ReverendKain discusses the idea of a Divas Championship Scramble and something that would come of it. Geno Mrosko gives props:

Although he stole it, BIGPALE posted a hilarious yet true comment:

WrestleMania Week

Sandow's Superior, Plan R, and Yourroleandyou discuss some contenders for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

HallAndOates469 and Cain A. Knight discuss a good way to book The Shield as dominant faces:

chazerize fantasy books an unconventional return of CM Punk:

WrestleMania Weekend

Sandow's Superior evaluates Eva Marie:

AUDUBON marks a starting point of a monster heel run for Brock Lesnar:

aggie42087 posts a picture with a certain raven-haired wrestler:

Casey Garner (then CaseygarnerPDX) discusses a major glitch at WrestleMania:

Hollywood J Blaq does some Steiner Math:

Week of Apr 6

the_hbomb remembers Ultimate Warrior:

Jenzel Washington and Steve Sypa discuss Warrior's entrance into Heaven:

Sonnens Political Adviser posts something similar:

Zodi51 shares a story about the 3 Count Rule:

Jenzel Washington imagine referee Chad Patton's reaction while counting Brock Lesnar's pin on The Undertaker:

Week of Apr 13

Blake Murphy reacts to one of Triple H's new sayings:

TJ_UK evaluates Eric Young:

KJ Gould shares a possible way to save the John Cena/Bray Wyatt feud:

Yourroleandyou compliments Rusev on not having Lana to command his every move. thehobodownthestreet imagines the type of life that he would have:

bezeerk lists out Bray Wyatt's options during the Cena/Wyatt feud:

Prussian Creole pleas to WWE to keep then-employed Aksana far away from Paige. karl.thierfelder, Sandow's Superior, and Duke Phillips discuss something different:

LondonGiant corrects Dixie Carter about something big that obed1218 expands upon.

Week of Apr 20

Zach Woosley, SpitfireDive, and BigHeat34 react to Batista's whining on Twitter:

StrongStyle81 envisions a dialogue between Eva Marie and the person interviewing her at a recent UFC event:

Casey Garner shows us what he really wants on a t-shirt:

The People's Asshole gives an excellent evaluation for Jim Ross:

Sandow's Superior reacts to those trolls who gave Jim Ross a 1 for his Cageside Evaluation:

RuinedOverOut goes on a huge rant about John Cena:

*Asterisk* reacts to something mandated by TNA management to their employees:

Boxingnut4324 and StrongStyle81 discuss the fall of TNA:

Sandow's Superior makes a rhyming list of things dumber than a Bray Wyatt face turn:

obed1218 fantasy books a perfect match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena at Extreme Rules...I wish they would have used this idea:

Week of Apr 27

fbihop explains War Games to Clint "Danger" Calhoun. LawMonkey replies with a suggestion:

Beefio evaluates the clothesline:

Jonathan Loesche tells us about an insane day at work:

A bunch of people respond to Casey Garner about how The Miz is better than Jerry Lawler on commentary:

anxiety goblin goes on a huge rant:

Shieldhill makes an edit of the Payback poster:

SamD92 gets on Daniel Bryan for not being able to be in two cities at the same time. treble1313 has a good suggestion for a replacement champion. Questor Thews and The984 respond:

babyfacehulse reacts to the rumor of a CM Punk return:

My Big Mouth makes a slight edit to the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

Connor the Crusher Special Edition


Week of May 4

StuckinAfghanistan tells us a story about dinner with a legendary wrestler:

Hollywood J Blaq calls for captions for the Big E of the Day. The Notorious Eddie Mac, myself, bsfurr, and Sandow's Superior oblige him:

ReverendKain comments on a link that I provided, and does it perfectly:

BIGPALE tells us who promoted his story about Paul Heyman:

Hollywood J Blaq envisions a conversation between father and son:

Blueblob4life makes fun of the complainers in the Rumor Roundup:

Week of May 11

babyfacehulse gives thanks to the Cageside Seats community:

ChrisVannini imagines something happening while Daniel Bryan is out recovering from his injury:

TMadeBurner and GuyinNY want a certain WWE event back:

Doors Hate MMA Fighters and Sandow's Superior discuss better names for Payback:

Major discusses Alicia Fox's new, insane character:

Cain A. Knight suggests a new stipulation for matches between Big Show and Kane. Sandow's Superior does some fantasy booking for them:

Brigade17 imagines a segment with Hulk Hogan and Bo Dallas:

Cain A. Knight, Yourroleandyou, rancho king, and TMadeBurner get into a stimulating conversation:

Week of May 18

KnightOfNi222 suggests the person who should have delivered WWE's recent financial reports:

pat.phetteplace simply evaluates the piledriver:

ReverendKain has something to say about the King of the Ring 1994 go-home show:

Christopher.Gates has a big complaint about a recent Raw:

shaqustewart93 wants a return of the Nation of Domination. who me posts the perfect GIF to which AreYouReadyDeGenerationX responds to:

LoneStranger fantasy books a segment with Ric Flair, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler:

Primus Flavius responds to a rumor about TNA:

14fizzpatrick matches WWE talent with their Street Fighter counterparts:

Week of May 25

TMadeBurner updates us on contract negotiations with Rey Mysterio:

Dr. Handsome, D.D.S. gives us a great way to make walking with a pregnant partner easier and funner:

stillrealdamnit.. gives us a taste of the NXT Takeover preshow:

GrecoRomanGuy has a demand for Vince McMahon. The reaction he gets is completely insane:

Week of Jun 1

DrewNicholas523 shows us an angry Batista:

Amonra tells us of something he did with his son:

Plan R goes on a huge rant while evaluating Kelly Kelly:

JamCap gives us his Backstab of the Day:

Jon Benne tells us what kept the Chicago Blackhawks from the Stanley Cup Finals:

BarkerWoofer posts two great GIFs involving Roman Reigns plotting his revenge against Seth Rollins. Dotcommer Dude KC and Sean Geddes responds:

Brigade17 tries to hijack the Rumor Roundup. JUSTO-93 is also involved here:

Prussian Creole goes off on Seth Rollins:

Jeff Dunn names a person who should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. LoneStranger agrees:

Cain A. Knight suggests a salesperson for the WWE Network. Brigade17 plays the part, and DBorwig316 is sold:

Week of Jun 8

excellent_eddie has some advice for Daniel Bryan:

kaiser1118 has some advice for the recently released WWE talent:

MikeGomez has a really good question:

TMadeBurner and The Notorious Eddie Mach have words for Kevin Dunn (the WWE producer, not the actor):

Plan R, anxiety goblin, and jwparks87 evaluate the Five Knuckle Shuffle:

Dr. Handsome, D.D.S. tells us about what is more gorgeous than Tyler Breeze:

Sonnens Political Adviser gets serious for a moment, and rancho king gives a great response:

Boxingnut4324 tells us who should be in the upcoming Money in the Bank Briefcase Ladder match. lofrothepirate has a perfect winner in mind:

To end this mid-year best of edition, Blinkocracy does some Steiner Math:

And that ends the mid-year best of edition of the REC Awards. To everyone who has been featured so far, congratulations. For those who haven't been featured, don't at all be discouraged. You will make it one just have to do one thing: BOLIEVE!!!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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