From Sandust To Stardust

Two best friends who loved each other's facial hair and T-shirts once made up the Rhodes Scholars. Damien Sandow was a genius, or at least he told us he was, and Cody Rhodes was from a prestigious wrestling family. And they were perfect. Then one day they were both entered into a Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match and that crafty Sandow screwed over his best friend on his way to fame and a Cena squash.

After a lacklustre feud the boys moved onto their own business. As mentioned, Sandow was unsuccessful in delivering on his MITB promise but is now one of the most entertaining parts of any show. He, like only a few before him, fills a roll and embraces it with 100-percent of his heart, mind, and body. Rhodes, with nothing else to do, stuck his nose in The Authority's business and eventually got fired. His brother showed up along the way looking slim, trim and ready to win!

They got their jobs back by defeating The Shield in an almost forgotten classic. How far we've come in such a short amount of time, huh?

The Brotherhood, as they referred to themselves, became tag champs and seemed to be on their way to bigger and better things. Then, in typical WWE booking they didn't really have a feud with anyone of importance, lost their belts to two of Triple H's best friends, and languished as enhancement talent.

But wait! Where was Sandow? Oh, nowhere, really. Since he was a genius on his own again he needed a great new T-shirt. Something both smart and with a hook. "I > U" was born and he wore it forever, changed his tights to plain black, and lost then lost again and then lost some more.

After The Brotherhood lost their belts, they seemed destined for a short feud then a WrestleMania match but they got lost in the shuffle...again.

Then, like Sandow, The Brotherhood lost, lost again, and lost some more. This looked to be a perfect time for a nice, long feud that would have a blow off at SummerSlam. Cody wasn't confident and Goldust was sad so they kept losing. Finally, at Payback, Cody had enough and wanted to find Goldust a partner of considerable talent, one much better than himself. This would obviously lead to Goldy losing a lot and Cody realizing he wasn't the weak link.

A perfect set up for a feud!

By this point, Sandow was a character actor dressing up as a basketball player and Sherlock Holmes, to name a couple, and was becoming one of the highlights of whatever program he was working on.

At last, we all thought the worlds would collide. Goldust needed a partner. Sandow had a trunk full of costumes.

Before debuting his new partner Goldust was interviewed by Byron Saxton on Raw. Saxton seemed to drop a HUGE hint saying Cody promised to find a partner who would, "MAGNIFY your magnificence."


Saxton you had me at "mag"!

Last night was the moment.

Last night was the opportunity.

Last night was IT!

Damien Sandow would now be Sandust!

Then this happened.


So long, Sandust, it was good while the dream was still alive. Have fun in 3MB.

Hello Stardust, may you shine as bright as your dad's polka dots.

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