An open apology to Mr Kevin Dunn

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As a member of a website dedicated to the fine art of professional wrestling, this hereby puts me in that category of being a member of the Internet Wrestling Community, herein described throughout this as the IWC. As being a member of said community the general consensus which is refuted by everyone in the IWC means that as a member the IWC the opinion of one is regarded as the opinion of the entire IWC, to use a cult TV reference the IWC is akin to The Borg from the popular Science Fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

So as a member of the IWC I feel that is only right to that we should clear up any confusion and put your mind at rest and offer our apologies to you, Mr Kevin Dunn.

To give the background to this apology, Mr Kevin Dunn is renowned for not being a fan of wrestling even though it is the business for which he chooses to make his money, even going to lengths as not even mentioning the word wrestling in business dealings, which in many ways would be like a Chief Executive of an Oil Conglomerate not mentioning Crude Oil.

Mr Kevin Dunn is also not keen on the idea of women being equal in the work place and being given the same opportunity to express themselves and portray themselves in the same manner as their male counterparts are accustom to. For example even calling the division within the company, "Divas", a term which to many conjure up images, albeit stereotypical images, of uptight nightclub performers who have ideas and demands entirely above their station, whilst again their male counterparts are given a much more empowering titles like Superstar.

Mr Kevin Dunn is also considered by many to be a "Yes" man, and is probably the reason why he has stuck around so long in the background within the company, and as such has firmly entrenched himself in the pockets of Mr Vincent Kennedy McMahon. In doing so this has apparently ruffled the feathers of the COO of the company and has been reportedly been politicking behind the scenes to disrupt the work that the COO, Mr Paul Levesque (aka, Triple H), and heir apparent along with Stephanie McMahon, also heir apparent. This is not limited to making comments on recent talent quality, although not directly it has been linked to the words that have come from the offices of Mr McMahon, about the developmental system for which Triple H has been a champion of, therefore attempting to undermine the work that has been done and is continuing, and has been largely appreciated by the fans of the product.

Mr Kevin Dunn does also not have a good standing amongst other professionals within the industry, most notable being the opinions of Mr Jim Cornette and even more surprising the opinions of the late William Moody, loved by many as the manger of The Undertaker, Paul Bearer. This is indeed unsettling as Mr Bearer was said to like everybody in the business and didn't have bad words to say about anyone, except Mr Kevin Dunn.

So to get back to the original premise of this open apology letter, it is hereby said with a deep, heartfelt, unquestionable, unequivocal, genuine and most of all a sincere apology, that we the IWC apologise to Mr Kevin Dunn, that if you do happen to be a wrestling fan and you do happen to stumble across this corner of the internet, maybe because you are doing a search on your name... that you accept our apology and understand that we are not talking about you, Mr Kevin Dunn of Chicago, Illinois and star of many great films and TV series and a seriously underrated actor, we are talking about some idiot who is in a position of authority in a company we care about and happens to keep a product we love in the dark ages with outdated views and little grasp on the product he's selling and for the health of its future.

Once again Mr Kevin Dunn, we apologise and by the way... loved you in Hot Shots.


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