cSs REC Awards: May 25-31, 2014

Ahh yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Recognition of Excellence in Contributions (REC) Awards. Let's get to it!


Hollywood J Blaq Presents: WWE's Next Great Rivalries - Hollywood J Blaq

WWE Monday Night Raw (May 26, 2014), As Booked by a Fan - Yourroleandyou

Statistical Analysis of WWE Pay-Per-View Buyrates, 1989-2013 - Nate Pickering

Retroactive Reconstruction V, VI, VII - GrecoRomanGuy

A Not-So-Serious Review of: WCCW Episode 43 - Bish Bash Falls

Here comes a Big Show push, probably - Blake Murphy

Useful Stephanie McMahon GIFs - TJ_UK

CM Punk, Kurt Angle & The Concept of Retirement - StuckInAfghanistan


First up, Dave Nguyen tells us that a certain syndrome is spreading;

Our General, Geno Mrosko, puts his vote in for a matchup of the Greatest Promo Tournament, and possibly hints at a future tournament and matchup:

Cain A. Knight also puts his vote in for the same matchup, but a certain phrase in his comment catches the attention of Manolo Has Pizzazz:

Dr. Handsome, D.D.S. also votes and gives a great justification:

AndeeMarshall comments on the article about how The Authority could be bad for business-ah:

LenJersey tells us what the problem really is about The Authority's storyline and how to possibly fix it:

Bad-Horse, Hahnmaier, and theSilentbang respond to the Canadian Destroyer executed by one Buff Bagwell:

DFreshMMA has a simple response to Doors Hate MMA Fighters' "Build a Wrestling Company" matchup between Buff Bagwell and Jeff Jarrett:

paqman3d and TMadeBurner discuss Batista:

Chris2814, TMadeBurner, lalaCthulhuFhtagn, Sean Rueter, Geno Mrosko, and sjflynn discuss Michelle Beadle's confrontation with CM Punk and AJ Lee:

Pyxxie tells us why she is a Rosebud:

Yourroleandyou makes a simple statement about the face of WWE:

The Notorious Eddie Mac gives us a simple FACT:

Vidence proposes an interesting plot twist involving Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan:

My Big Mouth responds to one John Cena's tweets with a good question that is answered by Sandow's Superior:

ReverendKain also responds to that tweet with a question that is answered by Manolo Has Pizzazz:

Vidence notes a BIG omission from The People's Asshole's Chair Compilation:

Sandow's Superior has a clever comment about the Big Chair:

astrotrain shows his displeasure toward ESPN, and has support from Dark_Passenger and Sizzle15:

astrotrain also responds to the rumored "Dolph Ziggler being managed by Ric Flair" idea:

James J. Ball sums up GFW in an image, but Sandow's Superior spots a problem with it:

My Big Mouth makes an ad for GFW:

RuinedOverOut votes for 1,004 Holds, and tells us why:

Geno Mrosko responds to Hulk Holland's article about lip service:

TMadeBurner provides us with an update on contract negotiations with Rey Mysterio:

Beefio evaluates Sgt. Slaughter:

Rod Mapada evaluates the Superkick:

GiantStorm, DFreshMMA, and Hahnmaier evaluate TNA Creative...if there is such a thing:

Verklemptomaniac proposes a WWE name for Kevin Steen:

Dr. Handsome, D.D.S. tells us how to make walking with a pregnant woman enjoyable:

Vidence shows us why we should all watch CHIKARA:

Sandow's Superior has a Thought of the Day involving Bad News Barrett and Alicia Fox:

GrecoRomanGuy gives praise to Cageside Seats and its users:

My Big Mouth finds the reason why Rey Mysterio hasn't been on TV in some time. Hollywood J Blaq and stillrealdamnit.. respond:

Vidence shows a great clip from NXT Takeover:

mrsocko demonstrates his Photoshop skills:

Sandow's Superior has his best Thought of the Day yet involving John Cena and JTG:

Yourroleandyou compliments something attached to an article about Payback competing with Game 7 of the Blackhawks/Kings series:

jcc08 fantasy books a heel turn for CM Punk, and boyonthedock makes a note of something:

Dubsco and (Florida) Danny Tuccitto vote for the Cream of the Crop promo, and tell us why:

Blinkocracy provides a great reason for voting for CM Punk's heel turn promo in Ring of Honor. It's a huge image, so here's the direct link.

RuinedOverOut fantasy books a Bad News Barrett promo for Payback:

rancho king posts an image of CM Punk and AJ Lee. Responses come from bebin and Ambival-Ant:

beckett929 has a great idea involving Bo Dallas:

crosschicken facewing responds to an excited fan on Raw. Speculum responds with a good suggestion for WWE:

SanFranpsycho praises Cesaro's recent booking, and also gives a reason as to why this era of wrestling has been "incredible":

TotalScrub discusses Bo Dallas:

jwparks87 discusses Cesaro and his heel status:

HMBGoHawks, the excited fan from Raw, discusses the event:

fbihop and TotalScrub discuss Batista:

Richie DiMaso and DFreshMMA discuss a couple great lines from Raw:

Dark_Passenger discusses the best things from this week's Raw. Sandow's Superior makes a correction:

LoneStranger discusses a type in the NXT Preshow listing:

stillrealdamnit.. tell us how the NXT Preshow would likely involve:

stillrealdamnit.. and srod6677 discuss See No Evil 2:

Militia and RuinedOverOut discuss WWE and it possibly going private again:

Casey Garner, fbihop, Funky Dung, and My Big Mouth discuss advertisements on the WWE Network:

Candystripes for Breakfast tells us what has has learned from TNA:

Duke Phillips expresses his disappointment over a shocking problem that My Big Mouth solves in an electric fashion:

alexhaggispinch has a thought about the upcoming Hardys/Young Bucks match:

drock1331 discusses the idea that Evolution's return was a short term thing. However, Nate Pickering tells us the real reason for Evolution's return:

astrotrain and GrecoRomanGuy give a Vince Russo?!?

the_hbomb tells us who Russo wanted Monday Nitro to appeal to:

Doors Hate MMA Fighters tells us what Vince Russo should discuss next:

riddle_jg has a point about The People's Asshole's Spinebuster Compilation. StrongStyle81 responds with a FACT:

Plan R and Multiverse Heavyweight Champion discuss Tyler Breeze:

The Notorious Eddie Mac discusses Mojo Rawley getting crushed by Rusev:

Myself and ReverendKain discuss a way to debut Sami Zayn on the main roster:

phlash74 tells us why he gave NXT Takeover a B+. However, biru.borja takes slight offense to a well-reasoned ranking. Rawuncutnxrated puts him in his place while earning a complement from Sean Rueter:

TJ_UK modifies his Khali Club graphic:

Finally, GrecoRomanGuy posts what is probably the most rec'd comment on this site. A bunch of people respond to his excellent comment:

That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's funfest!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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