The Price of Fame: A Letter to C.M. Punk

What's good, Cagesiders?

I normally try to shy away from anything C.M. Punk related save for the occasional joke or two. But something really drew my ire today. And I was having a great day from all of the positivity of the Open Daily Thread. If anyone gets offended by what I'm about to say in this post I apologize in advance, but I'm about to go H.A.M.


Dear C.M. Punk,

I want to start this letter to you by first saying "thank you" for all you have done in professional wrestling. It goes without saying that you have put you mind, body, and spirit for the last 15 years, and you have made sacrifices by doing so. You literally "Started From The Bottom" and now you are here; a decorated champion with the longest WWE Title reign of the modern era, a definite first ballot hall of famer and an icon to millions and millions of fans.

I am concerned with what your friend said regarding your "retirement" and how you are always being disturbed. I bet it sucks trying to play your XBOX One, and you go and take out the trash, and all of a sudden you have fans hanging outside of your home. Or your face is on TMZ when your at a Blackhawks game. Or when you go to David Burke's and people take pictures of your some kind of celebrity or something right? I mean geez! But I'm missing something.....


Oh wait a minute, that's right: YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!

You're the guy that 15 to 20,000 fans scream his name every Monday (and sometimes Friday) night. We buy your t-shirts, action figures, brawling buddies, and whatever ridiculous piece of merchandise we can find, just because it represents the man that we feel is the "Best in the World". Fans have invested their dollars and the time in their lives to make you a part of it. But it's a "problem" because those same fans that worship you and love you keep bothering you?


Those bothersome fans are part of the reason you are where you are. They are part of the reason that you live in that 2.1 million dollar home with the tattoo studio right below it. They are part of the reason why you can call yourself the Best In The World.

But oh sure, its a huge pain in the ass. I'm sorry that we are a pain in the ass. I'm sorry that when it comes to wrestling, we miss the guy that, for some of us, was the reason we kept watching. But here's a want us to leave you alone? You want us to stop bothering you? You want to be recently retired? Well my friend here's a simple solution:


Come out on RAW, or better yet at WWE Payback in Rosemont, Illinois and announce that you no longer want to do professional wrestling. We promise to give you the heroes send off like we have given so many others like Ric Flair, Edge, and Shawn Michaels.

They get to enjoy the benefits of not being bothered as much, because we knew it was over. We respected their decisions. We thanked them and prayed they would find peace outside of the squared circle where so many others have fallen victim to their own vices. And we gave them privacy, but also the support to pursue other interests if they wanted or needed to.

But part of me has seen this story before. I know that you can't stay away from it. You want this. You want this desire to be wanted and adored more than anything else. You love wrestling, and you love the rush it gives you. You love when people chant your name, and above it all, you love to BE LOVED.

But with that there's a price to be paid. It's the "Price of Fame". Samuel Johnson said it best:

When once a man has made celebrity necessary to his happiness, he has put it in the power of the weakest and most timorous malignity, if not to take away his satisfaction, at least to withhold it.

You chose to walk this path. And you chose not to be the next Brooklyn Brawler, or the next Iron Mike Sharpe. You chose to be the Best in the World. You chose to go all or nothing, and we loved you for it. If you want to "retire" thats fine, but I disagree with the sentiment that you don't owe your fans anything. We gave you all of our adulation, respect, and hard earned money. The very least you can do is acknowledge us, or announce you are moving on from wrestling. We are a stubborn lot, but we can deal with it.

So you hate that you have to pay the price of fame, but can you give it all up? I don't think you can. Being in front of every camera except the camera ran by Vince McMahon and Co. has proven to me that you don't want anyone to forget your name, your face, or your legacy.

This is not a letter of no. This is a letter from the heart. I write this, knowing that you won't or can't respond. Anyone who knows me knows I am a CM Punk fan through and through. I just want what the world wants:

An answer.


Hollywood J Blaq

P.S. There's a kid, named Connor the Crusher, who has inspired the wrestling world and given us an opportunity to realize what being a wrestling fan really means. Whatever your reasons behind what you're doing, please pay your respects to one of the greatest kids that ever had the chance to walk this earth........

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