Useful AJ Lee GIFs

AJ Lee held the Divas title for a record 295 days and is still considered the top name in the division despite not being on TV at the moment and not being a star of the WWE’s reality show, Total Divas. AJ Lee is proof that a woman can get over with fans and the people in charge purely on her merit as a performer. She is a great role model and should be respected as a wrestler.

Oh, she’s also engaged to some guy named Phil Brooks. Apparently he likes Walking Dead, but who cares? This is about the great AJ Lee.

She has become a beloved wrestler and her return to TV is hotly anticipated by the majority of fans. So while we wait for the return of the self-professed "Geek Goddess", let’s enjoy some useful GIFs starring the one and only.

Why five, I hear you ask? Because Big E demands it.

Please note that AJ has featured in a few GIFs already posted as part of this series. I’m not including those to avoid repeating myself but as always, feel free post them in the comments.

1) Good! Good!

When to use it: You are enjoy the chaos before you.

2) Unleash the hate

When to use it: Your hatred can not be contained.

3) Come on…

When to use it: Someone says something dumb like "Divas are supposed to just be pretty faces".

4) Happy AJ

When to use it: It’s announced AJ is returning or anything great happens.

5) Awkwardness

When to use it: I honestly don’t know but she’s so adorably awkward I couldn’t leave it out. I suppose it works as a "Well this is awkward...LOOK AJ!" GIF.

And because there are way more than five great AJ GIFs, feel free to post your own in the comments. Also feel free to post your suggestions for future Useful GIFs posts.

Next Time: Useful GIFs starring someone who when they come crashing down, they hurt inside.

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