Fantasy Booking Presents: Build-A-Feud; The Fandango vs Alberto Del Rio Edition!

Hello monkeys, yeah, you, I'm talking to you! You think you know better? You think you know the most? Prove it, punk! Hey, we all love Fantasy Booking, don't we? No? Then, why the hell are you even reading this? Anyways, I thought, it might be fun to try something, (I'm not talking about trying something fun, like eating those candies they put in public urinals and toilets. Yeah, it looks like is gonna be fun, free food, but then, they turn out to taste just, okay.) and exciting. So lets fantasy book, motherfuckers! Yeah, so if this thing takes off (meaning, this will likely be the only time I do this, again.), each week, we could pick two wrestlers, or tags teams or factions to build a feud around and have some fun!

But first, we need rules, cause rules is what separates us from the middle class. Go drive in your carpool lanes somewhere else!

Anyways, the rules.

1- No changing a gimmick. You can't repackage a wrestler, he/she must maintain the same character they have displayed.

2- Be realistic. No, "then Roman Reigns spears a building and takes it down. Then he jumps to the SUN, grabs a piece of it, and stuffs it in Bray's mouth! But, Bray is not only the eater of world, he is the eater of stars, so he spits out fire from the SUN!" Lets try our best to be realistic here. Also, no feuds that last two or three years. I think the longest a feud should last, is a year, and that would be really pushing it.

3- I forget.

4- I remember, all feuds must end with a blow off match.

5- Be as creative as you can.

6- The most important rule. Be critical, but be nice. If you aren't getting any, and you have a lot of pent-up frustrations, keep them to yourself. This should go without saying, but lets try to be civil.

Some tips that might help.

Think about working backwards. Think, who do you want to go over in the angle, and how.

Also, what do you hope to accomplish here? Are you trying to get someone to look stronger, or weaker? Are you hoping to just fill time?

Think of your beats. How long do we want the feud to go on for? What starts the feud. Where is the middle? Are you making one wrestler look too strong and the other too much like a geek? Think of the finishers to the matches (if you do several of them) and how will they be book.

Alright, lets have fun.

Oh, please don't tell me how the crowd would react, we don't know that. Okay, that's all.

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