Alternate (WWE) Universe: Face Time is Up, Heel Time is Now?



Face Time is Up, Heel Time is Now?

#1 John Cena

Welcome to the first installment of my own series Alternate (WWE) Universe. I have been wanting to do one of these for a little while now and always enjoy reading the series of other Cagesiders. My series will focus primarily on altering the past, present, or future of any storyline and/or Superstar.

For my first installment I want to hear from you, the CSS Universe right here on Cageside Seats, when is the time right, if at all, for the highly controversial John Cena heel turn?

We get it John. Our time is up, your time is now, and we can't see you because your time is now. Your time has been now for over a decade.

June 27th, 2002 Kurt Angle issues an open challenge and out comes John Cena in his red and black ring gear.

"You tell me, what is the one quality that you possess that makes you think you can walk out here and come into the ring and face the very best in the business?"

"Ruthless Aggression."

We miss those days John.

At Wrestlemania 21, John Cena defeated JBL for the WWE Championship and was drafted to RAW in the next WWE Draft Lottery. He was now viewed as the top star and subsequently became the face of the company, with Batista on Smackdown as World Heavyweight Champion the #2 face of the company.

So that's the past. Now the present.

The John Cena heel turn is not a new topic. Some say negatives of the WWE turning him heel could be that it could potentially cost them as much, if not more, revenue as it would generate. Let's face it, the kiddies love him. He sells more merchandise than any wrestler in the company and we all know it's all about the mon-ay!

However others say the time is now.

July 7th, 1996 WCW Bash at the Beach. Hulk Hogan the icon to millions of people turns heel and aligns with the Outsiders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, forming the NWO. This was the biggest swerve in wrestling history before the Undertaker's streak ended last Sunday at Wrestlemania 30. When this happened it set in motion a series of events that changed wrestling in the late 1990's and now it may be what is needed to revitalize wrestling in 2014.

But I don't think John Cena's heel turn should be during his feud with Bray Wyatt. I think John Cena's new persona should be born from this feud which would lead to the turn down the line.

Daniel Bryan has now cemented his mega stardom with his WWE WHC win at Wrestlemania 30. With the Authority and the fans focusing on him, John Cena is left with the out of control Wyatt family and the chorus of boos for him and cheers for them.

Let's take a trip into the Alternate Universe.

After his wild Extreme Rules match win by John Cena releasing his inner monster and causing a DQ by hitting him repeatedly with a chair, Bray Wyatt comes out to cheers from the crowd. He takes pride in finally showing everyone John's "true colors" which prompts John to come out. He naturally gets booed but this time something is up. John is trying to fire back at Bray but the crowds booing is throwing him off. He doesn't finish his promo and walks to the back. He disappears for a few weeks and nobody knows his whereabouts.

The Wyatt family become The Authority's new justice servers and interfere on Bryan's main event matches every Monday night. The RAW before Payback Triple H announces a 3 on 1 handicap elimination match between Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts at the PPV. At the end of the show, The Wyatts jump Daniel in the ring and John Cena runs through the crowd, jumps the barricade, and assists Daniel Bryan sending all the Wyatts out of the ring. John announces the match will now be a 3 on 2 handicap elimination match and celebrates with Daniel to close the show.

During their match at Payback John Cena gets most of the offense in between Rowan and Harper and eliminates both of them. But Bray comes in and John gets distracted by a fight that breaks out between the eliminated Wyatts and Daniel Bryan. Bray capitalizes on the distraction and nails the Sister Abigail on Cena and eliminates him. Daniel Bryan ends up hitting the running knee and pins Bray.

At RAW John gets in the ring with Daniel and is fired up like his usual self and says he loved their match last Summerslam and wants to have that moment again so he's going to be a participant in the Money in the Bank PPV and will cash it in for a title shot at Summerslam and they part ways. Batista wins a #1 contenders match again Orton that night to challenge for the WWE WHC at Money in the Bank. During the PPV John Cena wins the briefcase but Daniel Bryan loses the championship to Batista by cheating unbeknownst to the referee.

John gets into programs with the heels in the Money in the Bank PPV match while Bryan gets his rematch at Battleground. During the rematch Batista tries to cheat again with Orton's help but Cena comes out to aid Bryan, accidentally hits Batista instead and the referee calls a DQ on behalf of Batista and he retains the Championship. Bryan gets angry at Cena for interfering and walks out.

On the next RAW Bryan gets beat down again by the Wyatt family and John comes out to save him but when Bryan goes for the running knee to Bray he moves out of the way and Bryan is able to stop before accidentally hitting John. They team up and in the main event tag team match, Bryan goes from post to post connecting with Bray's head each time and on the fourth time Harper goes to move Bray, John goes to stop Harper and Bryan hits John instead knocking him out. Bray hits Sister Abigail on Bryan and wins.

On Smackdown they confront each other and John says it's water under the bridge and they're even. Kane, Batista, and Orton come out for another 3 on 2 tag team match which has them prevail by Bryan getting Orton to tap out. Batista and John get into a fight and John hits the AA and both celebrate in the ring. On RAW before Summerslam John has a match with Kane and the Wyatt family come out and jump him while the lights are out and when they come back on Kane chokeslams John to win. Bryan then faces Orton for a title shot at Summerslam and wins but the Wyatts come out again to attack him and leave him beaten up to end the show.

Finally at Summerslam John has a rematch with Kane by John's request. The match starts and they go at it but Kane hits him with a chair early in the match and John falls out of the ring. He appears to be hurt badly and the doctors go over to him and he tells them he fell onto his elbow. The referee ends the match by DQ and they help John to the back where he is put into an ambulance.

During the main event Bryan gets the upper hand on Batista and like Wrestlemania 30 Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Orton, and Scott Armstrong all come out to screw Bryan out of his win but John's music hits and he runs down with his arm in a sling and starts to attack Orton and Triple H using his Money in the Bank briefcase and Bryan pins Batista. John and Daniel celebrate in the ring and they hug each other and Daniel says thank you for all your help since last year, you have been an incredible friend.

Out of nowhere John kicks him in the gut and starts brutally beating him down with the briefcase. As Daniel stares up at John he slowly takes off the sling and his arm is fine. He cashes in the Money in the Bank contract and Scott Armstrong calls for the bell. John locks in the STF and Daniel has no choice but to tap out. Triple H raises John's hand and the show ends.

At the end of RAW the next night Hulk Hogan makes a surprise appearance and calls out John. John comes out and says since Wrestlemania 30 he found that the real wrestler in him he abandoned many years ago for Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect wanted to come back out. At Extreme Rules when the fans cheered for Bray Wyatt he realized that his time as the top face of the company is winding down. He remembered before the Royal Rumble when Daniel Bryan beat Bray in the steel cage match everyone cheered but when he beat Bray at Wrestlemania 30 everyone booed. He went away for a few weeks to calm down and came back to help Daniel because it wasn't Daniel's fault the fans booed him.

As he helped Daniel he saw that Daniel became the damsel in distress and at Payback he made John lose by not being able to handle a couple of guys on the outside that he had already eliminated and it cost him his retribution against Bray. So he decided he will become the Money in the Bank winner to have a match with Daniel last night at Summerslam, in which he was already going to beat the crap out of him anyway but found a better opportunity when Triple H came up to him and offered him lots of money to put together this beautiful plan to screw Daniel over like he got screwed last Summerslam. He wanted to make him pay for not getting his rightful victory over the Wyatt family. He also loves money and wanted to buy nice accessories like this 15,000 gold ring on his finger.

With the unknown help from Batista he was able to toy with Daniel until the big payoff where he rubs salt into Daniel's Summerslam 2013 wounds after he gave him a black eye and subsequently became the new face of the company. After his losses to Randy Orton he got more upset that the stupid midget John Cena wannabe was getting 100% support from each arena while he would get more of a 15.5% support since the little baby fans of his don't count as full people. He reminds everyone that they've seen Total Divas and they see his REAL lifestyle and the little babies aren't washing his expensive cars or building his expensive homes, he needs money and can't live out a lie anymore.

As Hogan tells John it's not about the money it's about the fans and the respect and love they have for him, he cements his heel turn by attacking Hogan and beating him up which he kneels down and says that Grandpa's time, Daniel Bryan's time, and these kids' time is up, his time is now. Ashe goes to put his hand in front of his face for his You Can't See Me trademark, he leaves his hand in front of his face and just points to the gold ring and smiles.

So that's the end of the Alternate Universe this time.

Tell me if you like this idea of if there is something else you would do. Or if turning John Cena heel is even a good idea.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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