25 Game of Thrones Characters & Their WWE Doppelgangers

Nerd alert!

If there's two must-see television times in my life, it would be Monday nights at 8:00 EST on the USA network and now Sunday nights at 9:00 EST on HBO.

Yes, I'm a wrestling and Game of Thrones guy. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. The more I watch WWE storylines and the more I watch the show Game of Thrones unfold, the more similarities I see. Certain superstars' paths up and down the ladder of success (or "chaos" as Petyr Baelish would say) seem to mirror those on the HBO series, now in its fourth season.

So with that said, I present the following, a semi-comprehensive list of Game of Thrones characters and their WWE doppelgangers:

House McMahon = House Lannister:
Both noble houses crushed their enemies on the rise to the top. This was due in part to both being the wealthiest of the noble houses in their lands, and the most ruthlessly bold.

Tywin Lannister = Vince McMahon:
The patriarch of the family dynasty. The cunning power behind the kingdom.
Tyrion Lannister = Shane McMahon:
The son who disappointed his father. One by being a dwarf who killed his mother, the other by leaving the business he was destined to inherit.
Jaime Lannister = HHH:
The son who made his father proud. The heir to the dynasty.
Cersei Lannister = Stephanie McMahon:
The devious and underestimated daughter of the patriarch.

House Baratheon = WWE 2005-2010:
There was peace in the kingdom, as the war was over. But a restlessness was growing (among other houses and fans).

Robert Baratheon = John Cena:
Former king who has fallen (down the card).
Joffrey Baratheon = Randy Orton:
The king/champion nobody likes and has a cruel, mean, vindictive nature.
Stannis Baratheon = Batista:
Believes he's the rightful king/champion and he was cheated out of victory. Not very well liked by anyone.

House Stark/Targaryen = WWE 2011-current:
Young, and dangerous to the ruling authority.

Daenerys Targaryen = Daniel Bryan:
Their rise to the top has been hard and long and filled with many struggles and obstacles. Finally starting to find their place and take back the throne.
Viserys Targaryen = The Miz:
Thought he would come in and be king easily. Got his golden crown. Mistreated younger sister/NXT rookie.
Robb Stark = CM Punk:
The young upstart with the boastful claim ("King in the North!/Best in the World!"). Felled by treachery.
Jon Snow = Cesaro:
The unappreciated one. A skilled fighter, solid leader. Just starting to find out what he's made of.
Arya Stark = AJ Lee:
Small but smart. Loves to be dark and viscous. Really good at it too. Takes pleasure in the pain of their enemies.
Bran Stark = Big E:
Has a noticeable handicap (no use of legs/short) but compensates with other skills (wharging/powerlifting).
Rickon Stark = Dolph Ziggler:
Kind of forgotten about.


Petyr Baelish = Pat Patterson:
Whispering in the ear of those in power for a long time. Has a great mind for court/booking.
Melisandre = Paige:
Mysterious woman who comes in and immediately makes an impact.
Theon Greyjoy = Zack Ryder:
Had a amazing fall from grace. Pretty much a shell of their former self.
Sandor "The Hound" Clegane = Brock Lesnar:
A hired beast with no real allegiances.
Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane = Big Show:
Because, you know, they're both huge.
Brienne of Tarth = Tamina Snuka:
From a lesser noble house. Not much personality, but huge.
Varys = Paul Heyman:
The master of whispers. Unmatched mind for playing the game.
Bronn = Dean Ambrose:
Wise-cracking sell-sword who doesn't fight unless he has to.
Khal Drogo = The Rock:
Build like a Greek god. Felled by a small cut/ab tear.
Oberyn Martell = Bray Wyatt:
Mysterious, charming and very very dangerous.

Any characters I left off you can connect to the current WWE roster, Cagesiders?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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