WWE Raw preview (April 14, 2014): Nothing lasts forever (except for Legends)


While we excitedly await The Authority's response to the Daniel Bryan/Shield alliance, the continued push of Cesaro, Paul Heyman Guy, an actual women's match or two and a ten-bell salute to a recent Hall of Famer, we also look ahead and ask, how do you top this, WWE?

What you need to know

John Cena is feeling pretty cocky. A big win at WrestleMania, his Cenanation followers accepted his apology for the whole chair thing. He was back to his jokey self. But Bray Wyatt and Family are not done with John yet, and promise to get "extreme" to bring out the monster in him next time they tussle.

Wasting no time following strategizing the end of The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak, Paul Heyman was advocating for his newest client all week. He booked Cesaro in a match with Big Show that was going quite well until Jack Swagger ran in to cause the disqualification. The Giant saved the King of Swing from his former partner's ankle lock, but got European uppercutted out of the ring for his troubles. This may be a three-way program heading forward, and The Swiss Superman continues to confound fans wanting to turn him face for his in-ring abilities.

Some former Heyman Guys, Rybaxel, picked up a win on Friday night - probably because they're the only dedicated heel tag team on the roster now that The Real Americans are kaput, and the champs are babyfaces (The Usos). Damien Sandow and Rob Van Dam may want to consider hiring Paul E., because right now their both treading water in mid-card segments designed to do nothing but please the crowd with RVD hitting his signature spots on a fun-to-root-against bad guy.

Hulk Hogan gave Daniel Bryan the rub, brother. Bad News Barrett could use something like that, but at least he's actually wrestling again, collecting victories over Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston last week.

Fandango has a new lady, and she smells delicious. His ongoing mixed tag issues with Santino Marella and Emma confound, but the more they let the weird side of the dancer out on the microphone, the better.

After getting two clean finishes to earn his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at The Showcase of the Immortals, The Beard couldn't get another one for the rest of the week. He closed out said week with a no contest/double count-out in a six-man showdown between himself and Jimmy & Jey Uso against The Authority's Kane and his 'Mania triple threat opponents Batista and Randy Orton. When the Evolution-esque rudos went to take advantage after the bell, The Shield again came to the champ's rescue, and WWE has multiple babyfaces that everyone wants to cheer for the first time in a long while.

What to look out for


It's a tribute show for the fallen Hall of Famer, who was just with us a week ago to cut a promo that served mighty well as a farewell.

Live from Birminghan, Alabama at 8PM Eastern on USA Network, with pre and post-show coverage on WWE Network.

Triple H wasn't going to leave Bryan and his new friends alone based off of last Monday, let alone what happened on Smackdown. What should Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollin and Roman Reigns be on the lookout for tonight? Cause you know something's coming.

Paige became the new Divas champion in a shocking debut last week. Now can they actually build a program between the longest reigning queen of the division, AJ Lee, and The Anti-Diva? A nice long match or two would be nice, while they're at it.

Watch the continued build of Cesaro, The Eater of World's next moves against John Cena and see if they can figure out what to do with RVD now that he's back - all tonight on Monday night Raw!

What they should do

It's kind of hard to fantasy book when you're generally happy with the product.

We asked for a Daniel Bryan title reign, and we're getting that - in epic fashion. The Shield's face turn and alliance with the new champ were popular ideas, as was Batista channeling his inner heel. We'd clamored for a Cesaro push, without even daring to hope that he might be the next Paul Heyman Guy.

So, what do you get the smark who has everything?

Outside of the holy grail of a Cena turn (not gonna happen, but it will be fun to watch them twist on the line of the ongoing Wyatt Family program, trying to let Bray win without damaging the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect brand), things are going so well right now that there's even optimism about women's wrestling!

Sure, we the tag division could be more than three teams deep. And there could be a secondary belt that means something. But let's enjoy things as they come.

Nah, let's worry about the future. Because as great as it's been, and as important to the success of Daniel Bryan, The Authority angle can't run forever. If WrestleMania 31 is still some form of The Beard vs. The Game, a lot of fans will be complaining.

So who is the next "big bad"? The Beast Incarnate is an important piece, but his schedule prohibits Lesnar from being too big of a part of an ongoing narrative. It could and maybe should involve The Wyatts, but Bray is a recurring player with a hopefully long future ahead of him. So like Undertaker in The Corporation story during The Attitude Era, he probably shouldn't be the head of the serpent.

It's a good problem to have, and I don't really have an answer. But, whether or not it was their plan all along, WWE should be looking at how enthusiastically fans have embraced what ended up being a long-form story in Bryan's ascending to the main event, and start working on a follow-up.

What we're afraid they will do

As long as Paige doesn't act like Bayley again tonight, we should be pretty happy.

Enjoy the honeymoon, Creative - we'll start complaining again soon enough. While you're getting ready to enjoy Raw, who would you like to see as the next big challenge for our heroes in WWE?

Let us know in the comments below, and follow along with the show in our live blog and the join the discussion about the fallout, right here at Cageside Seats!

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