cSs REC Awards: Week of March 2, 2014

Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Recognition of Excellence in Contributions (REC) Awards for this week. Let's get to it!


First up, we have jsims2, Jenzel Washington, RL Magic, bebin, Sandow's Superior, and DFreshMMa doing God's work.

Jenzel Washington, in response to "The Animal Unleashed" segment on last week's SmackDown, states that Batista has gone full heel. The Unholy Goalie provides confirmation to this along with suitable evidence:

In response to the underwhelming card for WrestleMania XXX, Bight Your Face Off suggests a suitable addition. Although Blue or CONKZILLA disagrees, Sandow's Superior supports the idea with a bit of fantasy booking:

In discussing Batista, BringsKnivestoGunFights fully supports booing Batista and provides a somewhat traumatic reason for doing so:

While discussing Hulk Hogan's return to WWE, Eugene Saxe provides a sarcastic rebuttal to one of Hogan's statements. fbihop provides a rebuttal to the rebuttal:

In the Open Thread, Bish Bash Falls makes a friendly suggestion regarding a couple of the daily posts. Unbeknownst to him, he makes a mistake that ensabahsnore calls out:

The Notorious Eddie Mac makes a claim that Paige's Instagram page is better than all of ours:

Yourroleandyou posts a picture of Dean Ambrose doing more needs to be said:

Blueblob4life also posts a no-context gif:

Prior to Monday's Raw in Chicago, thisisjustaride posts something that was posted on Twitter:

BIGPALE discusses the awesome thing that was the segment with Brock Lesnar and Undertaker on last week's Raw:

Flashking makes a bit of WMXXX speculation based on some rumors. thehobodownthestreet makes an especially hilarious reply. Rohmi also provides a worthy response:

Prussian Creole posts her feeling regarding the rumor that CM Punk would return at Monday's Raw. We get a couple good responses from ClingingMars and Kanenite:

Yet another response to the Punk rumor, this time from R Reg:

Omnitalent provides another response to the Punk rumor, but Eugene Saxe provides a good respose to his comment:

Jonathan Loesche found a good bingo board that could be used for Monday's Raw:

GiantStorm does a awesome fantasy booking of Bryan v. HHH:

In response to a call for Raw signs, MM93 provides a good list of sign ideas. We also have submissions from The Irish Assassin and GN Punk:

Chris Hines gives his opinion on how Stephanie McMahon looked on Raw:

Jonathan Loesche also posted a good meme for HHH:

Also, in response to a request for it on Cageside Live, Jonathan Loesche finds said gif. Focus on the sign on the right side of the picture:

Vidence posts his reaction to a possible WMXXX rumor involving Daniel Bryan:

Brigade17 discusses the general WWE fan's sentiment when it comes to recent happenings:

ReverendKain and Sandow's Superior respond to something that occurred during Paul Heyman's promo on Raw:

In response to a controversial statment from Ken Neadly, we have green replies from bebin and Ruben Tisch

Coming up, we have a host of responses to Monday's Raw. Contributors include Satish_Ram, Fruits, Binkocracy, Bah Gahd, and Doors Hate MMA Fighters:

tkatt00 discusses the horrible inevitability that is The Shield breaking up:

Bad-Horse talks about a WMXXX possibility:

We have a bit of fantasy booking from The People's Asshole..albeit in a controversial fashion. Responses from fpjakethesnake, Lexxi, and sioux1337:

In response to robgoblin's Cartoon Intro of the Day in the OT, rancho king asks a question that robgoblin quickly answers:

In response to something that BringsKnivestoGunFights said in the OT, TMadeBurner provides an excellent idea for a new TV season:

BryanDanielson'sBeard posts a rather...yeah:

In response to the post that Raw will have guest stars for the near future, IRodC kinda supports the idea while providing for an amazing guest star:

StuckInAfghanistan and CheCorner provide a bit of fantasy booking for Dolph Ziggler if the Need for Speed movie bombs:

In response to the following post from The Notorious Eddie Mac, ReverendKain provides win:

In response to the article discussing Buff Bagwell the gigolo, we have a couple good responses from Adult Nathaniel and BW Smith. Also, to preserve our sanity and tastes, I hid the image that The Unholy Goalie posted. It is, in fact, unholy:

Richie DiMaso posts what everybody already knows about Cesaro:

LoneStranger posts a picture of poisonous food:

Jake Nazar explains why he thinks the whole "Daniel Bryan underdog" story is a good idea:

Yourroleandyou posts a picture posted about the end of the Sheamus v. Christian match on Raw:

In response to an article about Daniel Bryan, Blueblob4life and RProcter89 post a couple of comments with context that should be self-explanatory:

Jon9 posts an excellent bit of fantasy booking for WMXXX that could make the show end on an amazing note:

Jonathan Loesche posted a screenshot from the WWE App. Note the tweet at the bottom of the image:

In response to a bit of food porn that I posted in the OT, JamCap posted a very interesting gif. In response to my question of what exactly it was, Hollywood J Blaq gave a perfect response:

Geno Mrosko posted this picture in the should explain itself:

In response to a discussion about Hulk Hogan's appearance on Toy Hunter, the conversation somehow shifted to Brooke Hogan. Candystripes for Breakfast wins:

Vidence posted this picture that was intended to divert attention from Potista:

Hollywood J Blaq and DFreshMMA provide a back and forth conversation that imagines how Jim Ross would call Cesaro's Swiss Death:

rancho king made our day by posting this:

In response to a FanShot that linked to Renee Young's Divas Day Off photoshoot, ThedaB absolutely rips someone a new asshole:

And finally, in response to one of Doors Hate MMA Fighters's "Build a Wrestling Company" posts, DFreshMMA gives the opinion that we all had:

And that's all folks! Stay tuned for next week's insanity!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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