WWEekly Confidence Index Analysis (Week of March 2, 2014)

I guess now would be a good time to remind everyone that Wrestlemania XXX is now less than one month away. Someone ought to get word of that to WWE. Because I'm not sure if Wrestlemania season has arrived yet.

Ok, it looks like CM Punk is really, really gone, the Shield and Real Americans are breaking up, Main Event is likely leaving Ion Television for the WWE Network, and Orton vs. Batista may be on its way to the worst Wrestlemania main event since Miz-Cena three years ago. But hey: WWE stock is at an all-time high. And did you see Renee Young's Diva Day Off pictorial? Oh, and WWE is worth billions now. With a B. And an S. (That can't be a coincidence. WWE stock at an all-time high the day after Renee's pictorial. Seriously, did you see it?) And the WWE Network seems to have fixed the majority of issues that plagued its service during the first week. So it's not all bad news in Stamford. But does the WWE fan and consumer think so?

Before we get to the answer, let's find out what some of you Cagesiders think.

  • ReverendKain holds on to his 4/5: "Up from Younger getting signed, down from Punk not coming back, all leads to the status quo continuing. I'm enjoying the WrestleMania build and feel confident that it'll be a pretty solid show, Batista/Orton aside." There's been a Wrestlemania build? Maybe I'm not paying attention. I mean COO H vs. Daniel Bryan feels like a Mania match. Everyone else: please alert them that Wrestlemania season is here. Thanks.
  • RProcter89 has a chart and/or graph with his 3.5 rating: "Positives: Taker vs Lesnar, HHH vs Daniel Bryan - Authority close off and potential DB double duty, Cena vs Wyatt - nothing Bray does at the moment is bad, NXT is great, Raw was great in places, Cesaros/Wyatts/Shields work, Network is smooth as a babys bottom now - no issues. Neutrals- Shield continue to do good work - wait to see where the break up is leading before commenting, Cesaro/Harper+Rowan not yet booked for Mania - wait to see where leading before commenting. Negatives: Orton vs Batista without any update will be rubbish - title match should never be 3-4th most invested in match, Ziggler/Del Rio/Big E other capable workers seem to be spinning wheels with little direction." Imagine that: a scenario where neither Dolph ZIggler nor Alberto Del Rio, two former holders of the Big Gold Belt (who were fighting over it last spring) will be on the card at Wrestlemania. I say it's a very real possibility. And seriously, Bray Wyatt is so money right now. In a side note, I understood like 90% of Bray's promo this week. That's like a record for me.
  • Patrick Topor is not so positive; in fact, his confidence is the Big Blutarsky: 0.0: "But I've come to realize it's just me. There's a certain something I crave from a wrestling program that WWE just isn't interested in providing me. Its why I stopped watching after X8 and it really hasn't changed at all in 12 years." If I may interject, then why do you still watch? Loyalty? Habit? Something else? Again, I give you credit. You're the only person to rate a 0 and put your name on it.
  • Beezerk is holding on to his 3: "Happy they addressed the Punk issue the only way wrestling can. Daniel Bryan looks like he just might break that glass ceiling. Network improving. And we got Shield/Wyatts again." Well, it's not the only way wrestling can. It's the only way they can if they hope to get CM Punk back. It's unlikely, sure, but if they went outright burial on Monday, there's no way he comes back. I'm not sure if they did go with an outright burial. It might have been a subtle one.
  • Bish Bash Falls is holding on to his 2.5: "Sure, I'm still surprisingly more sad than I thought that CM Punk looks gone for good, but NXT Arrival was really good and WWE Network is still running fine (though not so much on the Xbox, apparently). I figure that everything will more or less hold steady until we see how Wrestlemania turns out. I'd obviously prefer Daniel Bryan to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion by the end of Mania, but my greater desire is that he beats Trips clean. If either of those happen, then I'll be a happy mark." I think most of us will be happy marks if Daniel Bryan Danielson beats COO H. If he leaves champion, that's a bonus. If speculation is true, we may get both.

With that, the WWEekly Confidence Index for March 8 is... 2.38. Pretty much steady with last week. If anything, we can probably all breathe a sigh of relief with the way #hijackRAW and the CM Punk situation went. I guess not all confidence indexes can be WWE stock, which hopefully, you bought before the Network came out.

Back on Wednesday.


The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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