SPA'S Top TNA Ten of the Week for the 3/6/14(SPA's Birthday Edition of Impact)



Just a warning, I do these rankings on a mix of both booking and kayfabe and this week I feel like my top 5 this week may be unpopular choices, but they are the people that had me the most intrigued on Impact.


10.Chris Sabin(Last Week Unranked)



Maybe this is my clear Sabin bias shining through but I love everything he does, after heeling it up to the biggest degree with Velvet and thrown outside his current girlfriend Alpha Female was defeated by Velvet and Sabin got in and checked on Alpha Female and would go on to scream and act as if she had been killed, and I love it so much when he comes in on her shoulders each week.

9.Austin Aries(Last Week Unranked)



Austin Aries is back to being focused on in a way and I don't know if its just me but I feel like Roode is turning on Aries in the lockdown match, don't know why but I just feel it coming, but that's not the point here, Austin Aries looked ruthless in brutally attacking Davey Richards and its perhaps not a side we always see from Aries but it was a good thing to show at this time to make him look stronger heading into Lockdown.

8.Magnus(Last Week 3rd)



This week Magnus dropped considerately, and its not because I think he was bad or anything, its just he had no match and such little spotlight this week and out there in the main event spot, I feel like this promo was not nearly as good as the previous weeks, this may be the lowest Magnus has ever been on my rankings and its a bit of a weird thing because he's looked better now than a couple of weeks ago, but for me this ranking is about how did he do THIS week and I was kinda meh about Magnus this week and I don't think its completely his fault he was barely mentioned throughout the show.

7.EC3(Last Week 5th)



There are a lot of Miz and EC3 comparisons floated around and little by little I am starting to think that EC3 could be so much more than Miz, Miz is a former WWE champion so its not like he's accomplished nothing but right now he's rather unimportant, I think EC3 could be the top heel in TNA for sometime if he has any backing in creative. I love EC3's promos, he just comes off as such an arrogant dick, but that's exactly what you should want from him, he's easily hateable and that's his best attribute, well besides his insane physique, TNA is doing a good job with Kurt Angle and EC3 in that a legit main eventer is putting over someone who could be their future.

6.Ken Anderson(Last Week Unranked)



Anderson and Samuel Shaw are just clicking and its making great TV for this viewer, starting with Anderson calling Sam Shaw a creepy bastard and explaining that's why he and not Christy had to commentate for their match, it just worked so well, to me surprisingly even, the crowd got fully behind it and were hot for Anderson and then EY when he introduced him. This segment made Anderson look like A STAR, perhaps the best reaction from a crowd for him in quite a bit of time and I think Samuel Shaw deserves some credit in playing his part so well.....

5.Samuel Shaw(Last Week Unranked)


via lets get onto that Samuel Shaw praising, this guy has been handed a gimmick that I imagine most wrestlers would feel is death for them. Shaw is taking the character and running with it, he's one of the more intriguing parts of Impact for me, from his facial mannerisms to his finisher which seems PERFECT for the character, everything about Shaw is clicking for me and I am super excited for the Anderson/Shaw lockdown match and that's because both guys have worked hard in a short time to make it seem like an actual feud in occurring in the midcard.

4.Samoa Joe(Last Week 2nd)



Samoa Joe looks like a bad ass for another week and there's not much I can say this week that I haven't said in previous weeks about Samoa Joe, but I am a bit worried, the way Joe is being booked makes me think Magnus will retain at Lockdown which would be a huge mistake considering the stipulation of their match. While I shouldn't say its impossible to believe that Magnus could KO or Tap Joe, I think its impossible he will make Joe tap, so with the rules set he would HAVE TO KO Joe and I feel like TNA is booking it this way to have us shocked when Magnus succeeds which unfortunately I hope is not the case at Lockdown, Magnus is young, but right now it feels like its Joe's time for perhaps his last big run as champion.

3.MVP(Last Week 6th)



MVP comes off as a big deal in TNA on the mic and holds his own in the ring and this week between the backstage segments and in ring promo vs Roode, he made me actually feel like there really is something at stake here in the Lethal Lockdown, he's doing a large part of trying to sell this match even if Dixie came out this week and tried to interfere by talking into a mic. His backstage confrontation with Aries, makes me wonder if there's possibly something there brewing as well, either way I hope if team MVP loses at Lockdown he sticks around for awhile anyways.

2.Bobby Roode(Last Week 1st)



Much like MVP this week, Bobby Roode did a very good job of selling Lethal Lockdown in my mind and looked fairly good in his match part 1 and 2 of it, I find Roode in an interesting position, part of me thinks that them teasing him turning face a couple of weeks ago was a hint he turns on Team Dixieland in the cage, but another part of me thinks this is TNA we are talking about and they barely know what continuity is and therefore I predict the Aces and Eights have something to do with not really.

now onto my controversial pick for number 1

1.Davey Richards(Last Week 4th)



This is the first time I will have ranked one Wolf while the other goes unranked, and I will predict many think its an insane pick for number 1 this week,but Davey had a GREAT week, he goes from being the last member of his team and the lone hope vs Aries and Roode both former TNA champions and tag champions(together even) and managed to be resilient and hold his own until Aries brutally attacked him with a chair. Davey would come back at the end of the night with an injury holding him back to fight valiantly against Roode despite a losing effort, I think Davey looked extremely good out there and I have to wonder if he will shine in Lethal Lockdown seeing how he was booked, perhaps pinning Aries who injured him, either way I think Davey looked great on his own for the most part and I am excited about the wolves future after seeing TNA booking him to look so strong.

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