WWE's biggest mistake : Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s just got about 1.7m fans on Facebook and Twitter. And even that’s pretty decent for an overrated guy like Bryan. I mean yeah.. Daniel’s got fans. But nobody can beat the stereotype. If you are a real wrestling fan. Bull crap! This isn't "real'' wrestling. "Real" wrestling is in the Olympics and I find it boring. Rey Mysterio could have done what DB has done if he was pushed. And they don't find it unfair because their salaries wouldn't have been increased if they were pushed. This is Pro-Wrestling. Pro-Wrestling today is all about -

1) Gimmick – Bryan’s got one .. of a deranged dude who lives in the woods and talks about aliens and area 51. Sadly, that doesn’t work.

2) Mic skills – Hahahaha..silent on that one.

3) Looks – Just maybe if he cuts that horrible beard.

Just because the majority ( proof: John Cena – 20 million fans on Facebook(I say this in spite of the fact that I'd prefer CM Punk over Cena any day of my life) cannot express itself in an arena, doesn’t mean that WWE doesn’t know about it. The reason why they are so hesitant in putting D-Bryan in any main event is because they’d rather lose the 1.7 million than lose the 20 million. You guys are out there but they are out there too and they happen to be 20 times more than you. Think for a moment.. suppose you didn’t know about WWE at all. You were handed an advertisement with Bryan’s disgusting face on it (think honestly), would you wanna try to watch it?As much as WWE wants to maintain it's fanbase, it wants to create new fans too.

Surely, WWE creative did a mistake. It wasn’t Batista (got more fans than DB) winning the Royal Rumble, It was promoting DB out of Hell-No! in the first place.

Fans who go to live events will always go to live events and the fans who don’t will never go to live events. They happen to have different opinions. They might make Bryan vs. Batista vs. Orton at WM. The match will be watched worldwide because of Batista. It wouldn’t be resisted in the arena because of Bryan. They would never make a DB main event unless there is a bigger name involved in the match. Example – John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (Summerslam) Example- Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan ( multiple PPV’s) I’ve got 20 "intelligent" wrestling fans who are my friends who would rather see Zack Ryder pushed to the top than Bryan.

Daniel Bryan as the actual face of the WWE? Not possible. After WWE turning PG and the 'role model' standard John Cena has set, I don't think the next face of the WWE is even on the roster yet. As for the "He deserves it" thing is concerned, nobody deserves nothing in the WWE. They are all paid actors. If anything, the only people who have been real with the WWE in their issues are John Cena, CM Punk, Batista, Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. DB personally (in real life) has no objection with his treatment according to the script. Today, WWE Creative is facing a problem. Choosing between controlling the audience or controlling the revenue. Don't get too exited. If WWE faces a problem, it buries the cause. Undoubtedly, He will become champion one day hopefully for more than 18 seconds (You rock Sheamus!) and when he does, mark my words, they're gonna turn him heel against John Cena in about 2 months.They have nowhere to go with the story-line.

So please stop saying that WWE doesn't listen to it's fans.

As Batista would say "Deal with it!"

Don't like the product? Stop watching and buying it!

Wanna watch it? Stop whining and let the people who can,, enjoy it. You must be fools to pay for it only to criticize the product.

"They'' aren't stupid. "They" have degrees. "They" don't want the WWE to get bankrupt.

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