No! No! No! -- No 'A' For Effort Here

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I'm really tired of all of this.

And I'm sure you read that statement, and you immediately think, "He's with us. He's tired of the Authority crapping all over Daniel Bryan, too." And you're immediately wrong.

What I'm tired of is everybody complaining that WWE and it's corporate headquarters won't give us what we want as fans when it comes to D-Bry and his quest to become an A+ player. If you're watching WWE programming and still thinking to yourself, "They just don't get what they have in Bryan," then you just don't get it. Plain and simple.

Of course they realize what they have. They absolutely do. That's why he's remained involved in the longest, most complex storyline of the last six months. It's why he feuds with Triple H and The Authority and Kane and the whole kit and kaboodle. It's because he's an A+ player, and they know full well his value to the program.

When you complain about him being held down, when you grow increasingly wary of the schmoz finishes, when you are so mad at the end of Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber -- you've only become so wrapped up in the story that the mark in you doesn't even realize that it's working.

If Bryan were to have won the title at any point earlier on, it would completely kill the story. It wouldn't be the same anymore. We'd lose our angst, our hopes, our dreams, our beliefs that the good little guy should always come out on top.


We loved Stone Cold Steve Austin because he was constantly fighting the McMahons. That's what made his character resonate so deeply with us.

Sure, go ahead and give Bryan the belt(s) at Elimination Chamber or on RAW the next night. Then all of us smarks can crap all over the fact that we're not interested in watching Randy Orton get his rematch against Bryan at WrestleMania. Because, you know, things.

We've seen it before and it's boring and we won't want to watch that at all.

The fact is, we ARE watching every week and we are feeling emotions running all over the map, and we are invested in the Daniel Bryan plight. If you don't see that as WWE's clear and unequivocal faith in Bryan, then you're confusing storylines with real life.

And if you're doing that, I can't help you. No one can.

Because you're no longer seeing professional wrestling for what it is -- a vehicle for stories, both new and familiar, that get us to suspend our disbelief and simply enjoy the moment. Worrying about what's going to happen at SummerSlam in August or at Wrestlemania XXXI is jumping the shark in a way that will prohibit you from ever enjoying the show or remembering what you loved about this crazy squared circle in the first place.

Or, you can keep on posting fantasy booking where you get to watch Daniel Bryan against Bray Wyatt against Roman Reigns against CM Punk against Dolph Ziggler against Cesaro where no character ever cuts an A- promo or loses against the other five guys all at the same time.

Good luck with that.

The rest of us will enjoy the treatment Bryan Danielson gets as a WWE performer while you laughably lament the way Daniel Bryan gets treated.

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