Roddy Piper is still hoping for a special appearance opposite Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 30

The "Rowdy" isn't ready to give up on this, but he might be willing to walk away if he doesn't get it.

Earlier this year, Roddy Piper confirmed that he was pitching a match to WWE between himself and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 30 on Sun., April 6, 2014, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

WWE didn't take the bait.

Instead, Hogan was signed and inserted as special guest host for the show and Piper, right now, doesn't have an announced role, though rumors are hot and heavy that the company is reaching out to all its biggest draws in the hopes of putting together something special.

"Rowdy" still has something in mind that he thinks would be special, as told to Chad Dukes in a recent interview:

"I wrote a quick note to the WWE saying if you don't give the fans, what they deserve, the two guys that started it, just let them walk out, you know as more to thank them. I'm not there to have people cheer for me, I've had my share of that and I'm very grateful. But to have Hogan in the ring and not hit the bagpipes, the fans would never forget it. Not to give them that, to give them that to remember for the rest of their lives as would we, being Hogan and myself, who I've not talked to, I think would be a mistake. This is 30 years, we started with a thing called War to Settle The Score. The promoter put his house and everything up on a tag team match called WrestleMania, no number. I was definitely the dark horse in the race. 30 years later I think that we should say hello, but I don't think the WWE's with me, I don't know what they wanna do. But it'll tell me, if I don't come out it'll probably be the last time."

Piper might be drastically overstating the value of such a scenario, if only because many of today's fans weren't even alive for War to Settle the Score or WrestleMania. The bagpipes would get a nice pop and the commentary team would have an easy angle to sell to fans at home, but what's the end game?

Piper is 59, Hogan is 60, and there are far more meaningful feuds to worry about than one that played out 30 years ago.

At a glance, it doesn't matter either way because he admits the decision makers at WWE aren't on board with the idea. What's interesting is Piper hinting at being done for good if he's not used this way.

We'll see.

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