WrestleMania 30: Salvaging the 14 Diva Title Match Disaster

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I am sure that everyone on this site knows enough about the WWE to know that the first fall wins 14 Diva title match booked for WrestleMania 30 on Sun., April 6, 2014, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, is not going to be pretty. If it was a match up of two talented divas, a triple threat or maybe even a fatal four way, there would be a chance that creative might select two to four talented divas and put in the work to plan out a match that could entertain us. But we are all well aware that WWE does not have 14 talented Divas and creative would rather play off easy stereotypes about women instead of planning out an elaborate match. Because of this, this match will likely devolve into screaming, mediocre "brawling" and hair pulling until Diva A pins Diva B. While we can't fix the talent that WWE has to work with, I think a change in the match structure could make this more interesting than the simple first pin wins.

I would like to see this booked as a pin (or submit) the champion to win. In this match, the objective is to be the one who pins AJ Lee for the victory but to improve their odds and to ensure their rival doesn't win. The Divas would still be able to eliminate each other through pin or submission to eliminate competition. I think this would allow for a better dynamic and for teams/groups to work together to try and ensure a member of their stable walks out with the belt.

In case it is not obvious the only way for AJ to win would be for all of the other divas to be eliminated.

How It Would Work:

The most important part of making this work is avoiding long periods of brawling/hair pulling with no real focus. I would suggest they do that by getting it out of the way early. Have the match start with AJ in the middle of the ring surrounded by the other Divas but when the melee begins she slips out of the ring while a few Divas are tossed and the first few are eliminated so that the number of Divas is more reasonable. From there, AJ would be the focal point of the match with different Divas trying to get the pin while the others try to eliminate their rivals and at least one crafty Diva rests on the outside waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

This could end two ways: The first is the less likely outcome where AJ manages to avoid excessive damage until only a few Divas remain and she pins either the last Diva or the last two Divas to retain.

The other ending would involve a finish where Diva A gets a few minutes one-on-one with AJ and beats her down until she is ready for the pin. At the count of two, Diva B knocks Diva A off AJ to finish the three count and get the win. This would not only take the title off AJ but it would set up a feud between Diva A, the new number one contender, and Diva B, the new champion.

Why It Is Better:

The main reason this is better is it gives the match a focal point. It allows for the fans to enjoy the match while not trying to follow every minor brawl that could result in a new champion.

A personal reason for me is I would hate for the longest reigning Divas champ to lose the belt because Diva A pinned one of 13 possible Diva B's. To me this just feels like The Miz ending The Streak by pinning Hornswoggle in a triple threat at WrestleMania (please forgive my obvious exaggeration).

Why It Sucks:

This would significantly increase the length of the Divas match at WrestleMania. That's typically is a bad idea but I want to have faith that a good Divas match is not a thing of the past. The technical aspects would get complicated, as there is the potential for simultaneous pin attempts and just having 14 people in the ring at once is typically a bad idea.

With all that said, I would still expect the match to be a failure as I do not think it is possible to have a good match involving 14 Divas all in the ring at once with one fall to a finish between any two. But I would like to get the thoughts of some of you Cagesiders, many of who I bet have forgotten more about wrestling than I will ever know.

I only started watching WWE in college during the summer of Punk and only faithfully started watching when the Shield gave me something I truly enjoyed cheering for, so if WWE has tried a match like this before please let me know how it turned out, as I think it could be fun.

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