Emma's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Emma and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the recent NXT call-up. Here's the full evaluation

What you  loved:

  1. In-Ring - One of the best female workers in the WWE. You guys enjoyed her signature moves, and think she can be at the top of the division relatively soon.
  2. Gimmick - Bubbles! Dancing! Fun! Charasmatic! Those are some of the things you guys said of Emma. Also you guys enjoy she is different from most of the Divas' gimmicks.
  3. Accent - Who doesn't like an Australian accent? Well, I don't...but a lot of you do!
  4. Looks - She has an "Emma of the Day" in The Daily, great figure for sure.
  5. Matches with Paige - You're homework tonight is to watch both (here) of these matches (and here).

My favorite comment goes to Sandow's Superior:

"She’s a solid 4 on NXT and a 3 on Raw, put that together by Pythagoras Theorem and with Steiner Math’s and Big E’s blessing we have 5! Maybe I’m trolling, but I’m a mark."


What you loathed:

  1. WWE Creative - A very easy #1 choice here. Creative sees her as a comedic gimmick, and thus she was stuck with Santino. Rather than putting her out as a contender for AJ's title, she's becoming Santino's girlfriend. *Sigh*
  2. Gimmick - Couple of you (including myself) are not sold on the gimmick. I do like that it is different from the usual, but not sure if it will work in the big leagues.
  3. Dance - Not everyone likes dancing.

My favorite comment goes to thehobodownthestreet:

"Look, there are a thousand terrible gimmicks in the world, and you find the greater majority of them in the indies. Her gimmick is great for NXT, because they are a glorified indy promotion. Its like that episode of the Simpson’s where Homer becomes the mascot of a minor league team, and he goes way over. Then a major league team brings him on. And he does the same exact act, and the fans boo him. It works in the indies, but not in the bigs."

Finally, dat poll! With 197 votes, Ms. Emma's average score is 3.7. Compared to her peers; Paige (4.1) and Bayley (3.9). Although when those two get called up, those numbers may drop a bit. Also Summer Rae got a 3.6.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick has been in ECW, WWE, and WCW.

Until then!

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