WrestleMania XIX Review: Shooting Star Press...Of Death

Event: WrestleMania XIX

Date: March 30, 2003

Place: Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington

Attendance: 54,097

After the slight letdown that was WrestleMania X8, WrestleMania XIX makes up for it in a huge way. This show was legitimately awesome and featured a bunch of great matches. There are two things notable about this event: this is the first WrestleMania under the WWE name, and this is also the first WrestleMania to utilize the Raw and SmackDown brand split.


Matt Hardy (with Shannon Moore) defeats Rey Mysterio

First things first, Matt Hardy's theme during this time is one of the most underrated of all time. Shannon Moore is also a complete dweeb. All those aside, this was a great match despite Moore's shenanigans. This was the period of time where Rey Mysterio was in his prime, and it certainly shows here.

Undertaker defeats Big Show and A-Train in a Handicap match

Limp Bizkit, the WWE's favorite band (LMAO), performed Rollin' during Undertaker's entrance...god they are a shitty band. This also marks the final WrestleMania with Undertaker's biker gimmick, as he would return to the Deadman gimmick a year after this show. This match was a decent hoss fight at best. Speaking of, whatever happened to Nathan Jones?

Trish Stratus defeats Victoria (with Steven Richards) and Jazz in a Triple Threat match

Despite Jazz's presence, this was a pretty good match with some good offense.

Team Angle (Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin) defeat Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) and Chris Benoit and Rhyno in a Triple Threat tag-team match

This was an excellent tag-team match with tons of fun, fast-paced offense from every participant. Also, GORE, GORE, GORE!!!

Shawn Michaels defeats Chris Jericho

Everything about this match was fucking amazing, from the psychology to the action. Jericho's heeling was absolutely brilliant, especially when he was mocking Shawn Michaels's mannerisms. Also, Lil' Naitch (Charles Robinson) had short hair, which was very weird to see.

Triple H (with Ric Flair) defeats Booker T

This was another great match that started a bit slow. Flair's heeling was fun to watch, and Triple H busted out a modified Indian Deathlock, which Ross was putting over very well.

Hulk Hogan defeats Vince McMahon in a Street Fight

The buildup for this match was great. This match, although having a great story and plenty of good psychology behind it, wasn't that good. It was very brutal that featured spots that two middle-aged men had no business risking themselves for. Roddy Piper made an appearance. However, as usual, LOLHOGANWINZ.

The Rock defeats Stone Cold Steve Austin

Just read the names of the participants and you have an idea of how awesome this match was. This, unfortunately, was Steve Austin's last wrestling match, as he would soon retire from in-ring competition due to his nagging neck injury. His last match, as expected, was excellent. Rock's heeling was great, especially when he wore Stone Cold's vest.

Brock Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle

This was such an awesome main event that featured two of the WWE's best workers at the time, and probably ever. Absolutely everything in this match was amazing. This was the match that also featured Brock Lesnar's infamously botched Shooting Star Press, which miraculously left him with only a concussion. Watching it is still incredibly scary to this day.


WrestleMania XIX remains one of the best WrestleMania shows. Every match (not counting the pillow fight) was very fun to watch. In fact, there was never a point in this show where I felt bored.

Grade: A+

Stay tuned for WrestleMania XX!

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