Cody Rhodes' Cageside Evaluation

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His name is Cody Rhodes and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about The Son of a Son of a Plumber. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. In-Ring - A very solid and safe worker inside the squared circle. Some of you mentioned the crazy moonsaults that he's done, and he's still improving as a wrestler.
  2. JBL and Cole Show - Shown that he has a great range, and comedic edge to his personality.
  3. Promos - Really good on the mic, especially with serious/intense promos. His work has stayed consistently good even with the many gimmicks changes that he's had over the years.
  4. Finisher - The "Cross-Rhodes" was mentioned by a few of you, see: Seth Rollins.
  5. Wife - Well this is a first, his wife is stunning, plain and simple.

My favorite comment goes to Duke Phillips - "After a very long time away, I got back into wrestling properly around WrestleMania 29. For about a year before that, my buddies and I were dreaded "casual fans". We occasionally watched, and compared the current product to our rose-tinted memories of the glory days. One of our main criticisms was "it’s all a bunch of random white dudes in trunks". We, as casual fans, felt that the characters of yesteryear were absent, and pointed as vanilla-looking Cody Rhodes as a prime example. How wrong we were. I fully admit we were completely mistaken, and that Cody Rhodes is a character, can wrestle, and has oodles of charisma. His appearances on the JBL & Cole Show have endured him to me even more. If you’re reading this Cody, I’m sorry. You are awesome."


What you loathed:

  1. Booking - Stuck in the creative black-hole at the moment. Some of you feel like he's been in too many tag teams, and needs to get a bigger singles' push. More singles' matches! This was by far your biggest loathe.
  2. Mustache - Some liked it, but more were not fans. It seems silly a mustache was what got him more attention and a push.
  3. Cage Bump - Amazing as it looks, he should reserve that for only major PPVs, not house shows.
  4. Lisp - Hurts his promos a bit, but it didn't hold back his father from stardom.
  5. Character Depth - Right now his gimmick lacks the details. When he was a heel, his character was much more flushed out and interesting, not so much right now.

My favorite comment goes to Richie DiMaso - "Loathe: Will he ever get the chance to fulfill his potential. I think Cody’s maybe seen as a jack of all trades master of none. He needs to be given a chance to excel at one particular facet in order to be seen as a main event face/heel. I’m worried that with the likes of the Shield and Cesaro breaking through, his chance may have passed."

Finally, the poll! With 189 votes, Mr. Rhodes' average poll score is 4.

Thanks, Cagesiders, tomorrow's pick is a former ECW champ!

Until then!

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