Edge's Cageside Evaluation


His name is Edge and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the Hall of Famer. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. TLC - Classic matches that Edge was a big part of. I think we all know the famous Jeff Hardy spear off the ladder.
  2. Edge and Christian - A fantastic tag team that were amazingly good at comedy. A lot of you mentioned the "5 second pose" as one of your most loved things as well.
  3. Heel - Many of you enjoyed his "Rated R superstar" gimmick, Lita as his valet, and his awesome entrance.
  4. MITB Cash-In - Another classic moment when he cashed this in at the 2006 New Year's Revolution pay-per-view and took the belt from Cena. A huge surprise that was booked perfectly. His feud with Cena around this time was mentioned by many of you as well.
  5. Brood - Talk about a cool stable. They didn't revolutionize the sport or anything, but they were highly entertaining. Dat entrance!

Favorite comment goes to Zero Indulgence - " He could do it all, and literally did do it all! He’s still the most decorated professional wrestler of all time. He is a 14 time Tag Team Champion, 1 time United States Champion, 5 time Intercontinental Champion, 7 time World Heavyweight Champion, 4 time WWE Champion, King of the Ring Winner (2001), First MITB winner (2005), Royal Rumble Winner (2010). This makes him a 31 time champion, and the only wrestler ever to win the King of the Ring, the Royal Rumble, and the Money in the Bank."


What you loathed:

  1. Vickie - Edge must have lost a bet because he was with Vickie entirely too long.
  2. Injuries - His career was cut short due to cervical spinal stenosis. He had a few more good years in him, but a long career and some tough matches forced him out of the ring. On the plus side, he didn't force the issue and walked away in relatively good health.
  3. La Familia - Edge, Chavo, Vickie, Zack Ryder (pre-woo), and Curt Hawkins. Seriously, what was the bet Edge lost?
  4. Spear - His physique didn't really fit the move. Some of you were not fans of this for his finisher. I personally hated his angry face/hair pulling thing that he did before it.
  5. Matt Hardy/Lita - Pretty low that he took Hardy's girl, and then (not surprisingly) got into a feud on TV about it. Even worse is Edge isn't with Lita now! Nothing against Beth Phoenix, but come on, man. You mess up a relationship and don't even stick with the girl long-term? Cold.

Favorite comment belongs to Blueblob4life - "Loathe: The Lita/Matt Hardy thing. That was just, not OK. I mean, of all the people to do that shit, I’m not entirely surprised by it, but it was in poor taste and I hate that it was brought onto the WWE. The injuries were unfortunate and the early retirement sucks a LOT. He had a charisma that’s lacking in today’s top heels, which was also shown through the Lita indiscretion. The live sex show was…yeah…. And the whole Vickie thing I’d love to forget."

Finally, the poll! With 224 votes, Mr. Edge's (?) average poll score is 4.5. Great score for Edge, one of the best ever for sure!

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is sexier than you are.

Until then!

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