Cageside Seats Worst Gimmick Tournament First Round Match-ups and Schedule

Announcing the first round schedule and match-ups in the Cageside Seats Worst Gimmick Tournament, which will begin on Wed., March 12, 2014.

This past week, we went through the nomination process for the Cageside Seats Worst Gimmick Tournament. Then, we announced the field of 64 complete with a list of the seedings. However, we did not reveal the first round match-ups, which we'll do right here, along with the schedule for the entire opening round.

Let's get it:

Wed., March 12: (1) The Shockmaster vs. (16) Kizarny
Thurs., March 13: (2) Oz vs. (15) Who
Fri., March 14: (4) The Berserker vs. (13) Hornswoggle
Sat., March 15: (7) Yodeling Cesaro vs. (10) Joker Sting
Sun., March 16: (3) Bastion Booger vs. (14) Heel Dixie Carter
Mon., March 17: (8) The Dicks vs. (9) Repo Man
Tues., March 18: (6) The Ringmaster vs. (11) Aces and 8s
Wed., March 19: (7) Kerwin White vs. (10) Naked Mideon
Thurs., March 20: (1) Anonymous Raw GM vs. (16) Santino Marella
Fri., March 21: (5) Simon Dean vs. (12) Perry Saturn
Sat., March 22: (4) CJ Parker vs. (13) Johnny B. Badd
Sun., March 23: (2) Eugene vs. (15) Droz
Mon., March 24: (5) Rocky Maivia vs. (12) Fake Diesel
Tues., March 25: (8) Billy & Chuck vs. (9) Dynamic Dudes
Wed., March 26: (3) Isaac Yankem vs. (14) Fake Razor Ramon
Thurs., March 27: (5) Oklahoma vs. (12) Battle Kat
Fri., March 28: (4) Beaver Cleavage vs. (13) John Cena
Sat., March 29: (7) Hugh G. Rection vs. (10) Tensai
Sun., March 30: (1) Heel Michael Cole vs. (16) Saba Simba
Mon., March 31: (6) Black Reign vs. (11) Max Moon
Tues., April 1: (8) Akeem the African Dream vs. (9) Faarooq Asad
Wed., April 2: (5) The Johnsons vs. (12) Duke the Dumpster
Thurs., April 3: (3) The Spirit Squad vs. (14) The Mountie
Fri., April 4: (6) KISS Demon vs. (11) Terra Ryzing
Sat., April 5: (2) Glacier vs. (15) Jimmy Wang Yang
Sun., April 6: (7) Big Dick Johnson vs. (10) Orlando Jordan
Mon., April 7: (4) Phantasio vs. (13) Damien Demento
Tues., April 8: (3) Giant Gonzalez vs. (14) Jillian Hall
Wed., April 9: (6) The Funkasaurus vs. (11) Fat Chick Thrilla
Thurs., April 10: (2) Mantaur vs. (15) Abe Knuckleball Schwartz
Fri., April 11: (8) Farting Natalya vs. (9) Red Rooster
Sat., April 12: (1) The Yeti vs. (16) The Shark

There you have it, Cagesiders. What match-up are you most looking forward to?

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