Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio official for Elimination Chamber? says so

The web preview on references a Triple H interview officially booking Del Rio and Batista for a singles showdown at the next pay-per-view. Does the fact that the interview never mentions either man make it any less official? And what does a slip like that say about their positions right now?

It wasn't in the Smackdown spoilers, and it hasn't been made official on television or on the main page for the company's next pay-per-view (PPV), Elimination Chamber.

But according to the preview on for tonight's broadcast of Smackdown, a match has been made for Alberto Del Rio to face Batista in Minneapolis on February 23rd.  The text from that page of the article, which you can see below, reads:

WWE COO Triple H made it official Wednesday in a sit-down interview with Michael Cole on At Elimination Chamber, No. 1 contender Batista will square off against Alberto Del Rio.

After weeks of calling out The Animal, Del Rio was seemingly silenced when, during the Royal Rumble Match, Batista dumped the haughty Superstar over the top rope. But, true to his nature, Del Rio wasn't yet done instigating a rivalry with the eventual Royal Rumble Match winner. Now that their one-on-one battle is official, is Del Rio officially in over his head?

Sure, he's won every major title in WWE, but can the aristocratic grappler compete with the sheer strength and raw power of The Animal? If he has any hopes to hang with Batista at Elimination Chamber, Del Rio needs to pick up some steam heading into the pay-per-view. Will tonight be the night Del Rio gets a jumpstart?

The referenced "sit-down interview" never broaches the subject of Batista and Del Rio's issues leading up to The Animal's return, or at Royal Rumble, or this past Monday on Raw.

Is a mis-communication like this the result of the ongoing de-emphasizing of Batista given the lackluster response his return has received?  It's not hard to imagine that the Rumble winner was on the talking points for Triple H's weekly web interview with Michael Cole that's given to the web writers, but then audibled off the script, with no one thinking to tell the scribe responsible for the article.

Does the fact that he will certainly do the job for Batista, who is on his way to a WrestleMania 30 title showdown with Randy Orton, fuel Del Rio's rumored thinking about heading back to Mexico when his WWE contract is up later this year?

Regardless, it looks like we're getting ADR vs. Batista in what will be a mid-card match between a current and past Rumble winner.

Who's excited?


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