Renee Young's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Renee Young and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about cSs' favorite backstage interviewer. Here's the full evaluation.

Today was by far the biggest love-fest we've had in this series.

What you loved:

  1. Smart - She looks to have a genuine interest in wrestling, which is easily seen in her interviews. WWE should try to hire more fans of the product when it comes to interviewers or announcers. I think they tend to get journalists who may be good at the job, but not in love with the product. Some of you guys have said she was on a wrestling show on The Score in Canada, which is great! Shows some commitment to being around wrestling.
  2. Looks - "Adorable" was a good word you guys used for her. Plus WWE has kept her separate from the "Diva-look" which helps her standout.
  3. Best at Backstage - She looks like a natural on camera. Renee comes off very professional and many of you said she's the best since Mean Gene.
  4. Funny - Not only is she charming, but she has a witty sense of humor that works well with the wrestlers. Some of you mentioned she has a great presence on Twitter as well.
  5. Spidey Senses - She knows when an interview is about to go downhill and bails.

Favorite comment is DoinkTheBrawler - "I have loved Renee since she was co-hosting a wrestling review show on the Score here in Canada. I was so happy when she got a job with WWE and shes doing an awesome job. I wouldn't be surprised if one day shes in the HoF like mean Gene, but maybe I'm getting ahead of things."


What you loathed:

  1. Commentary - It's not her main job, so she's still learning the basics. Some of you called her out for not calling the action. Also most likely she is being fed lines from the back and like usual they are cliche or corny. Hopefully she will come into her own style over time if this is the path WWE wants her to go. This was by far the most loathed thing about Renee.

That really was it for trends, the other things mentioned; mayonnaise, stuck in the "social media lounge" with PPVs, and "just" an interviewer, so she can only go so high in that role.

My favorite comment goes to ameer.ali79025 - "Loath: She is out of my league :("

Lastly, lets check in with the poll. With 241 votes, Ms. Young's average score is 4.4. Wow, told ya it was a big love-fest today. This vote was definitely based on Renee being amazing at her role within the company.

Tomorrow's pick was trained by himself.

Until then!

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