Kevin Nash's Cageside Evaluation

Mandy Coombes on Wikipedia Commons

His name is Kevin Nash and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about "Big Sexy." Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Promos - Not only was he a solid talker, but he was a big guy, who aren't exactly known for their promo work. Primarily in his earlier years he always could cut fresh promos that crowds usually soaked up.
  2. Big Guy - He's a legit 7 footer who could move pretty well around the ring. Not much else to say really...he was big!
  3. The Outsiders - When he teamed up with Scott Hall that was such a hot angle that really got fans to tune into WCW. Those two hooked up with Hogan, and the rest is history.
  4. Look - His look was very 90's and fit really well into wrestling. His whole demeanor as a bodyguard (Diesel) was picture perfect. Even his time with the NWO (early years) worked really well.
  5. Jackknife - I think his height helped make this move look more bad-ass. Even those of you who hated Nash were saying "I did like his finisher though."

Favorite comment goes to Jonathan Loesche - "Like: His runs as Big Sexy and a member of the nWo Wolfpack were solid in WCW. He was a competent big man worker. One of the more underrated promo guys in history"


What you loathed:

  1. Personality - "D-Bag, egotistic, mean, and bad" were just a couple words you guys used to describe his personality outside of the ring. Part of this could have come from the people he hung with, mainly Hogan.
  2. Finger-Poke of Doom - A black eye in wrestling's past. Some of you felt he was a major part of WCW's downfall.
  3. "Vanilla Midgets" - Old school way of thinking Big Kev.
  4. Durability - Quad
  5. Move-Set - I saw multiple times in the comments; "6 moves of doom, including the hair flip!"

Favorite comment belongs to Tyrios - "Kevin Nash is a cancer upon the sport of professional wrestling.I doubt we will ever see another ego on the scale of Nash(and Terry) ever again – an ego big enough to torpedo a proud operation in WCW and flush 40+ years of hard work away.Fuck Kevin Nash.I hope he tears his spine apart the next time he picks up his phone."

Poll: With 225 votes, Nash's average score is 3.

Thanks, Cagesiders! For tomorrow, I had no choice but to pick this man.

Until then!

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