WWE roster: Who is on the way up, down, or out?

J. Meric

Let's examine the entire WWE male roster as it stands heading towards WrestleMania. Believe it or not, there are over 50 full-time male performers in the company, but only a fraction get to be featured on television every week.

Going through the roster, I'm going to peg who I believe is on their way up in the company, on their way down, or even on their way out by the time WrestleMania 31 rolls around. Here we go, starting at the bottom:


Camacho: UP (if he stays, it'll be for the demographics)
Curt Hawkins: OUT (I can't imagine Curt going much longer)
David Otunga: UP (is a good spokesman for the company)
Ezekiel Jackson: OUT (waiting on him to get healthy enough to release)
JTG: OUT (his contract was probably really good, but has to be ending sometime)
Justin Gabriel: UP (they'll find a spot for him somewhere)
Tyson Kidd: UP (see Justin Gabriel)
Yoshi Tatsu: OUT (he might want to go back to Japan)


Heath Slater: UP (I really like the guy, he might get a push)
Jinder Mahal: OUT (I don't see much)
Drew McIntyre: OUT (Not much in him either)
Brodus Clay: UP (He'll get repackaged)
Los Matadors (2): UP (Got a good gimmick for a comedy team)
Evan Bourne: DOWN (not needed once Neville gets called up)
Fandango: UP (Vince loves dancing)
The Great Khali: DOWN (I'd be shocked if he wins at all again)
Zack Ryder: OUT (he seems destined to be released)
R-Truth: DOWN (getting old)
Santino Marella: UP (pairing with Emma was good)
Xavier Woods: DOWN (stuck with an old jobber)

LOWER MID-CARD HELL CLASS: Bad News Barrett: UP (this is a pure guess, who knows with this guy)
Damien Sandow: DOWN (needs to get in better shape)
Curtis Axel: DOWN (they tried)
Titus ONeal: DOWN (he tried, but doesn't work as a heel)
Darren Young: DOWN (he'll be dragged down with Titus)
Cody Rhodes: UP (this is Cody's year...I say every year)
Golddust: OUT (probably last full year in company, going out well)
The Usos (2): UP (primed to be the future of whatever's left of the tag division)
Sin Cara: DOWN (worlds best-merchandize selling jobber)
Kofi Kingston: DOWN (Kofi has a permanent home in Lower Midcard Hell)
The Miz: DOWN (and the Miz is his neighbor)
Ryback: UP (he probably gets one more main event push)
Dolph Ziggler: DOWN (and everyone in the IWC will shed a tear for what could have been)

ACTUAL MID-CARD: Alberto Del Rio: OUT (never made it like he should have, talented as hell)
Big E: UP (future star)
Big Show: DOWN (not sure how many more years he's got)
Bray Wyatt: UP (another future stud)
Cesaro: UP (the midcard is stacked)
Christian: OUT (but good to have an old hand in here)
Dean Ambrose: UP (could be awesome midcard heel)
Eric Rowan: UP (will be a tag champ)
Luke Harper: UP (with this guy)
Jack Swagger: UP (they can't quit him)
Kane: DOWN (transitioning well to non-performing role)
Mark Henry: DOWN (last year or two)
Rey Mysterio: DOWN (same)
New Age Outlaws (2): OUT (it's the retirement brigade)
Seth Rollins: UP (huge potential here)
Roman Reigns: UP (the face)
Sheamus: DOWN (unless he turns heel)


Batista: UP (because he'll be a featured player)
Brock Lesnar: OUT (part time, but still a main-event player)
CM Punk: OUT (sigh)
Daniel Bryan: UP (he earned it)
Undertaker: OUT (he'll always be once-a-year)
HHH: UP (he's gonna try to be the new Vince)
Randy Orton: DOWN (Coming off his best work)
John Cena: DOWN (the real A player, slowly moving aside for others)

So what's the final tally?

23 UP - 19 DOWN - 13 OUT

If you look at just the mid-carders and main eventers, it would seem as if post-WrestleMania will a time of great turnover at the top. All those old mainstays of the past few years: Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, Christian and Rey Mysterio, will be transitioning into retirement or a non-active role on the roster. Future up-and-comers like the Shield, the Wyatt's, Big E and Cesaro are all knocking at the door. Even John Cena and Randy Orton will probably take on a lesser role post-WrestleMania.

Guys currently stuck in Lower Mid-card Hell, like Bad News Barrett, Cody Rhodes and the Uso's will all probably be featured well going into the future. Unfortunately, the number of spots going up has to balance out with the number of guys either heading out the door or getting de-pushed, and that includes guys like Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler.

Whichever way the roster ultimately shakes out, post-Mania, the turnover will likely be the greatest since the mid-90s. For those who have a special attachment to the old guard (the Outlaws, Golddust, ect) - enjoy this WrestleMania, it may just be the last featuring a lot of those guys.

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