'Husky Harris' Chants and the Beginning of the Troll Era


Remember the guy in the picture above?

The crowd in Green Bay, Wisconsin did two nights ago. That has to be disturbing to WWE officials who figured they could troll and jerk "the WWE universe" around for months without "the universe" trolling back.

Now, to be fair, did Windham Rotunda deserve the derisive "Husky Harris" chants the Green Bay crowd directed at him during his match with Roman Reigns Monday night?

No, of course not.

Rotunda, 26, has been doing a spectacular job with the Bray Wyatt character since he debuted last year. Unfortunately, he's also been heavily protected in the ring, only appearing solo with experienced hands like Kane and Daniel Bryan (and soon to be John Cena). Having him go solo against Roman Reigns (who is actually two years older than Wyatt, but much less experienced) was a booking mistake.

It should have ended with a schmoz about two minutes after it began. Letting them have what ended up looking like an extended NXT match allowed too much time for the fans to grow restless.

Regardless of whatever moron set that match up Monday night, the fact that the crowd turned on it had as much to do with the audience being trolled earlier in the evening as it did the poor quality of the product in the ring.

The fans - and there were a LOT, (not just a few isolated bozos near the mics like when Wyatt debuted) - chanted "Husky Harris" because earlier in the evening their hopes of Daniel Bryan being inserted into the title match died a quick death.

And WWE let Daniel Bryan kill his own movement in the process, by making him want a match with Triple H more than he wanted a title match.

Silly fans, all you who thought Bryan has been chasing the WWE title the last few months, he's really been chasing the respect of Triple H. Troll booking 101. Set the fans up to expect a conclusion to a story that begins with a title being stolen from the ultimate fan favorite - and end it with a match for...respect?...with the guy who sorta runs part of the company.

Yeah, that's not trolling your audience.

That's not going to get them so fed up they crap on the very next match. And if that RAW had ended with anything other than the most respected guy in the industry, there would be no doubt the crowd would have crapped on that too.

WWE is reaping what they've sown. If Bray Wyatt -- BRAY *freaking* WYATT -- can get trolled by the crowd, no regular on the roster is safe.

Welcome to the Troll Era.

Next stop: Chicago.

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