The WWEekly Confidence Index Analysis (Week of February 23, 2014)


ATTENTION EVERYONE! It's not all doom and gloom as you may have been led to believe in the last 48 hours. Wrestlemania XXX (which is unironically hosted by a man who had a sex tape go public) is not going to suck if they can help it. Yeah, the idea of Randy Orton vs. Dave Batista does not appeal to many, but beyond that, the card looks pretty solid. Undertaker will steal the show, because that's what the Undertaker does. Daniel Bryan Danielson will finally get his payback on COO H (or be buried, but you'll probably wanna be there either way). Bray Wyatt will be made (not buried... hopefully), even if it's in a losing effort. And even if the (possibly) most watched Wrestlemania in the history of EVER sucks, you can just hit the WWE Network and watch one of the other twenty-nine-once MLBAM gets its act together. Or one of the over 400 PPVs the Network offers (Great American Bash 1991, not so much. Figure that one out. EDIT: GAB '91 is now available on the Network.)

So... what happened since Randy Orton got his hand raised in the Elimination Chamber?

Before we get to the regular weekly vote, here's how you feel based on the events of Elimination Chamber and the early Network impressions:

  • Doors Hate MMA Fighters (the man who suggested using decimals) did not use a decimal with his rating: "Still a 3 Brother! Jack! Brother! Brother! Jack! I'm watching Raw, that's all they are saying tonight." There was an absurd amount of brothers and Jacks on Monday. And Hogan was only on TV for six minutes.
  • ReverendKain goes with a 4: "Might be because I'm watching the 24/7 Network stream already and I keep cackling to myself because seriously, this is the coolest thing ever, but a good show last night and a painless Network signup kicks it over to a 4. Can't wait for Raw tonight." The Network when it works is the coolest thing ever. I also had a painless signup (probably because I waited until around 1:30).
  • Patrick Topor is not so enthused with his 1.5: "Let me break down my score: Quality of current roster: 4.5. Quality of old guys coming back to take spots: 0. Quality of recent television: 3. Quality of most recent PPV: 2.5 (1 all-world match, 2 good matches, 2 awful matches, 2 ok matches). Quality of current obvious booking for WM: 0. Confidence level in WWE creative: 0. 10/6= 1.67 rounded down to 1.5. RAW tonight will probably change this a lot, one way or another." The ironic thing is his confidence is up from previous weeks. Wonder what he thinks following the all-over-the-place RAW.
  • RProcter89 went up too, to a 3.5: "Start with the biggies: Looks like we will get Bryan vs HHH at mania now, which is the right way to pay off the authority angle. Where we go after that remains to be seen, but at least we avoid the Kane shitshow. Likewise, the hold off on the Shield split seems we may get that payoff at Mania, or shield together at Mania? Either way I'm glad, these three are damn close to being MVPs for the year to Mania and deserve a good match - they have all earned their spot on the card. Hope they get it. Taker vs Lesnar, long rumoured, now set. Will be awesome. Bray Wyatt vs Cena is another match with the potential to be great. Starting to use Emma properly - glad to see but also holding off on praise a bit until I see a better filter through of the female talent in NxT to the main roster. Thursday should help. Last but by no means least - Wyatt VS Shield at EC was MOTY candidate. Assuming we get another candidate at NxT arrival this Thursday (which I think we will) - thats 4-5 MOTY candidates of the top off my head in 2 months. We can share opinions regarding booking etc but I think we can all agree the quality of in ring work recently has been great. Worries? - Not so many at this point. Cesaro deserves a place on the card at WM - hope he gets it. His work over the past few weeks and months has been incredible. Hope they keep use of Hogan to a minimum. Otherwise I am enjoying the additional wrestling we are getting, long may it continue!" As I said last week, the top of the board may not be enjoyable, but just about everything below is fun to watch. And finally EMMA! got her bubbles.
  • ZeroIndulgence goes 4/5 with a simple explanation: "Did you see the Wyatts v the Shield last night???? How can you not be confident in the future with all those guys at or near the top of the card?" From what I heard, it was the business. I sought it out and found video the next night. You should do the same if you haven't already.

And with that, the WWEekly Confidence Index heading to today is... 2.75. Up again. But now the vote up against knowledge of Wrestlemania XXX coming to form and early issues with WWE Network. Will confidence stay up? That's up to you. How you vote is your business, but if you comment and if it's one of my favorite five, you'll be in Friday's analysis and be the envy of your friends.


Just like yours truly who had a question answered by the legendary Iron Sheik.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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