A WrestleMania Rotten To The Core

Last night confirmed it.

The WWE is bland, corporate entity with a product written months ago that they're sticking to no matter how much its rejected by live audiences.

There will be no swerve.

There will be no great CM Punk return.

Daniel Bryan will not be fighting for the belt.

Dave Batista, come hell or high water, will walk out of WrestleMania 30 with the title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Because he was in a movie. Just like The Rock was. A part-timer that came in and took a spot that went to the person who not only deserved it, but EARNED it. That's how little the concept of WWE champ means as being the person who most entertains the fans and works the hardest throughout the year.

Wrap your head around the logic of debuting a new streaming network where you can watch all the old pay per views, 99% of which probably end with a match for the main title between two guys the fans want to see.

Now picture the first WrestleMania since this great service, which gave fans an opportunity to look through all the old work by legends - and then get a picture of Dave Bautista, 45-years old and in the worse shape of his life, huffing and puffing his way through 25 minutes of rest holds and Garvin stomps before ending in a weak Batista bomb.

The fans are going to crap all over it, no matter where it's placed on the card. But worse than that, the fans are going to crap on the rest of the show too - if last night's show is any indication. Once fans found out mid-show that Bryan would be getting his "great honor" of facing HHH at WrestleMania instead of a title shot, they lost all enthusiasm for anything else the WWE had to offer the rest of the night.

That was the jump the shark moment for not only the Yes! Movement, but WrestleMania 30, the concept of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and most disturbingly, the WWE's basic connection to its audience.

It's probably a lot easier to understand why a guy like CM Punk - who, yes, is hurting physically from years of abuse on his body - but unquestionably loves this business as much as Cena, HHH, Vince or anyone else in the back - decided to walk away - rather than be apart of this garbage.

Look at the matches that will go on last:

1. Batista v. Orton
2. Undertaker v. Lesnar
3. Daniel Bryan (formerly Punk) v. HHH

There is no way to order those three matches on the card that doesn't make the WWE look completely lost when it comes to understanding its audience.

Put Bryan-HHH on last? You're admitting that the title means nothing and the Yes movement is more important than the Undertaker.

Put The Undertaker on last (since its the match most likely to not get crapped on by the crowd)? You're again de-valuing the title match and placing the hottest guy in the company somewhere in the midcard - where you "kayfabe" said he belonged anyway.

Put Batista on last? You're asking for a nightmare of visual and audio with the crowd either booing both men unmercifully worse than Lesnar-Goldberg, or possibly doing the unthinkable and actually walking out before the show ends.

Now that the WWE has locked everything in, there is no turning back. This train is headed straight for a brick wall and nothing is stopping it. This is a rotten WrestleMania. Rotten to the core from the inept refusal to change from a story written months ago by a creative staff that is so far removed from its fanbase they might as well go back to writing for whatever failed sitcom they came from.

Fans signed up to the WWE Network, where they get to pay $10 a month to watch stuff, including WrestleMania.

The way things are looking, that's about $9.99 too much for this show.

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