cSs REC Awards: Week of Feb 16, 2014

These are the weekly Recognition of Excellence in Contributions (REC) Awards. Lots to cover, so let's get to it!


The Notorious Eddie Mac Presents: 10 Things You May Not Know About The Elimination Chamber: The title is pretty self-explanatory here.

Breaking Up The Shield: Making The Parts Greater Than The Sum: ejruiz provides an interesting way to book the breakup of The Shield. This is a hell of a read, so check it out.

The benefits of keeping it fresh for WWE: hfl2013 writes this great article in which he analyzes the benefits that WWE would experience by keeping things fresh. This is a good read, and WWE would be smart to take some pointers from this.

Brock Lesnar at WWE Elimination Chamber changes everything: CCTChairShots writes this article in which he provides some possible scenarios that could stem from Brock Lesnar's supposed appearance at this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV. This is a fun read, and I would love to see these scenarios happen.


Starting off the comments (and there a shitload this week), we have KDidz explaining why he's going to buy Elimination Chamber. He also asks a very important question that GunShark provides a great answer to:

Next, we have Vidence pondering idea about Willow the Wisp’s (aka Jeff Hardy’s) upcoming debut on TNA:

phlash74 is "surprised" about a bad match involving Evabot. ensabahsnore asks a question that we've all been wondering about, and vikingsince92 provides a simple answer. Also, ensabahsnore and Sandow's Superior provide some entertaining replies:

During a discussion about the Wyatt Family, Bad-Horse posts the "BRODIE FUCKING LEE" gif:

Zack Cozart Psychic Detective comments on his favorite part of WWE programming at the moment, and for good reason:

While talking about Daniel Bryan's new shirt, BW Smith notices something about the design, and proceeds to analyze it. UnmitigatedDisaster agrees with the idea. Additionally, ReverendKain and BIGPALE provide for some hilarious comments:

Klemson Krash provides an excellent idea to turn John Cena heel:

Next up, we have a series of comments providing praise to the EXCELLENT match between John Cena and Cesaro. Contributors include Matthew Roth, *Asterisk*, agbaby, and will008:

StuckInAfghanistan makes an inference that is probably very true about Stone Cold Steve Austin:

RProcter89 responds to a statement from Stone Cold's podcast about WWE being on the verge of having the best roster in a very long time. He also gives some praise to John Cena and his commitment to the industry:

Also from Stone Cold's interview with John Cena, Lamarley mentions a segment that he thoroughly enjoyed and probably agreed with:

BryanDanielson'sBeard responds to Batista's 87 second appearance on this week's Raw. Hulk Holland provides the perfect response:

The Notorious Eddie Mac also has a thought about Batista's appearance:

Omnitalent appeals to WWE for a refund of the time wasted while watching the 87 second Batista segment. DFreshMMA, however, has SOME BAD NEWS:

Bight Your Face Off makes a claim about Big E having a feud with Jack Swagger:

thehobodownthestreet comments about Dean Ambrose taking a bunch of finishers after Raw went off air. His comment generated a couple of responses, including this gem from ensabahsnore:

Zack Cozart Psychic Detective suggests and provides a good way to keep Cesaro heel, but he also suggests a possible way to turn him face:

In the Raw thread, Rex Ivanovic just had to go and spoil the result of the Women's Ice Dancing event:

StuckInAfghanistan also enlightens us about his sole Olympic viewing experience:

In the Open Thread, Hollywood J Blaq posted a gif of John Cena getting his head uppercutted off by Cesaro:

In response to the speculation over Vince McMahon possibly purchasing a soccer club, BryanDanielson'sBeard provides a fantasy lineup for the new team. Sandow's Superior, however, spots an issue:

The CSS Social Media Correspondent (or whatever his title is), rancho king, provides an update that we have all been waiting for:

Blinkocracy explains why he is excited for Elimination Chamber:

Bad-Horse responds to a call to cast WWE Superstars as Star Wars characters:

In response to a hilarious "Caption This" challenge from The Notorious Eddie Mac, BryanDanielson'sBeard and ReverendKain provide the funny:

And in other news, Vidence provides even more funny:

While discussing why Seth Rollins is his favorite Shield member, the_hbomb posted this gif:

tkatt00 fantasy books the perfect WMXXX main event:

TheCrow4Life also provides some Punk/Austin fantasy booking, this time for the 2/24 Raw:

Patrick Eakin promotes Total Divas in his own way:

While talking about the WWE Network, Jonathan Loesche posts the perfect gif:

While posting about his plan to boo Batista's character in Guardians of the Galaxy, he realizes that he posted his comment in the wrong thread. Eugene Saxe provides some reassuring:

Prussian Creole explains why it is appropriate for Vince McMahon to worry about the WMXXX card:

Riggler suggests a change to the Wyatt Family's theme. However, his suggestion is not well received from RuinedOverOut and Geno Mrosko...AT ALL:

Jon9 wonders why WWE is so oblivious about Daniel Bryan's popularity. In addition, he also provides some quick WMXXX fantasy booking:

RuinedOverOut provides some good news in the SmackDown spoiler thread:

Hollywood J Blaq posts the sign of the night from Monday's Raw:

wmcarpenter is slightly aghast about the amount of swimsuit pictures posted in Wednesday's Open Thread. Does this stop ReverendKain from being his usual self? Look and see, with a reply from BW Smith:

Ben Tumbling provides a quick analysis to Dish Network's bitch-fit about pay-per-views or something like that:

Well, bachwards questions #WWELogic, and both phlash74 and pjtopor notice:

Sandow's Superior and Vidence do some fantasy booking in regards to the rumored HHH/D-Bry match at WMXXX:

bebin laments over one negative aspect of CM Punk walking out of WWE:

icecreambar posts an interesting match for WMXXX, and DFreshMMA provides his approval:

In the Open Thread, The Notorious Eddie Mac posts this picture of Emma, which elicits this interesting exchange between BryanDanielson'sBeard and ThedaB:

Not to be outdone, Yourroleandyou posts a picture of Paige. ensabahsnore provides the reply that WWE should see:

gravydeath talks about a benefit of having Kevin Nash on the preshow panel for NXT ArRival:

KDidz also highlights something that could likely occur on the panel:

In response to Ring of Honor having a big announcement, The Notorious Eddie Mac speculates on the occasion:

DFreshMMA posted the gif of Evabot's dad doing the "NO! FLAT NO!" line. You can guess who just had to chime in:

While discussing Vince McMahon's comments about CM Punk's walkout, jsims2 speculates that WWE has some top men working on the problem. BryanDanielson'sBeard ventures a guess to one of the people involved:

In response to the rumor that Brodus Clay is undergoing training at the WWE Performance Center, Sandow's Superior provides a scenario that we would all probably prefer:

In response to the news that The Miz and Maryse got married, JamCap posts the gif that we all expected:

In response to the announcement that Brock Lesnar may be at EC, JRR_NS posts a quick fantasy booking idea that would be awesome:

One risk of eating fair food is explained by robgoblin:

After rancho king posts about a couple of the guests in attendance for Miz's wedding, Bad-Horse mentions something about one such guest:

Bad-Horse, for whatever reason, posted a gif of Nigel Thornberry in the Open Thread. BryanDanielson'sBeard felt the need to make a correction:

agbaby posted a plea for a Sheamus v Cesaro match at WMXXX. Hollywood J Blaq, however, provided THE response:

While talking about the recently released list of WWE's Top 50 Manuvers, Venoid accidentally double-posted, which is cleverly commented upon by Amonra:

While coming up with word associations, this time using "foreign object", My Big Mouth wins:

JamCap had to be a whore tonight...just saying:

And finally, while talking about The Shield 2.0, rancho king posted a pic of Christian's gear if he were to join this faction. Blueblob4life, however, has something to say about that:

Those are your RECs for this week. Stay tuned for next week's edition, and I'm going to bed now.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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