Dolph Ziggler's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Dolph Ziggler and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about "The Show-Off". Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Salesman - One of the best sellers currently on the roster, maybe the best? It's a battle between him and Seth Rollins at the moment. Ziggler makes every single wrestler on the roster look incredible no matter how crap they are in the ring.
  2. Athletic - Does some amazing things in the ring, and can adapt to different styles depending on his opponent. He's fast and doesn't have an over-sized roided out body.
  3. Cash-In - Probably the top moment in his career, crowd (and this site) went nuts when he finally won the belt.
  4. Paid Dues - He's had some absolute garbage gimmicks (spirit squad alone is enough for one wrestler), along with being in some stupid stories along the way.
  5. Passion - It's no secret he loves the business, from his promos, to his entrance he's always on fire and ready to go.

Favorite comment goes to *Asterisk* - "No one in the business, with the exception of Daniel Bryan, has had to put up with more shit than Dolph Ziggler. Dude’s been a cheerleader, a caddy, and a ripoff of Marky Mark’s Dirk Diggler character, although presumably with a much smaller pecker in WWE continuity. He’s been covered in poop more than once, and yet he still managed to get over based on sheer force of will. It’s a hugely inspiring story, or at least it should’ve been."


What you loathed:

  1. Booking - Such up and down booking with poor Ziggles. Goes from world champ to chump.
  2. Jack Swagger - Fuck. Jack. Swagger. To elaborate a bit more, Dolph finally got his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship and shortly after received a kick to the head from Swagger, which ended up causing a concussion. Dolph was out for awhile and ended up losing the belt partly (mostly?) due to this.
  3. Moveset - Dolph is a stud at making his opponent look good, but in doing that he looks really weak in the process. This is mainly due to his offense being pretty bland or just weak looking. This includes his finisher.
  4. Promos - While he has passion and charisma his promos usually fall flat. He does have potential, but part of the problem is...
  5. Voice - His voice sucks. Especially if he's going to go the screaming/angry route, his voice is too high for it.

Favorite comment belongs to MMAtylander - "His hair. I hate it. He shouldn’t cut it off of his head; he should BURN it off and start over with a fresh, brand new, surgically applied scalp. It looks like he dumps an entire bottle of product onto his head and it glows like it is radioactive. It distracts me every time he has a match, which is really annoying because he has good matches, when he isn’t losing."

Finally, the poll! With 426 votes (wow!), Ziggler's average score is 4.2.

Thanks, Cagesiders. Aksana's evaluation will be coming soon as well.

Until then!

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