CSS REC Awards: Week of Feb. 9 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, tonight....ahhh to hell with it. It's time for the Recognition of Excellence in Contributions (REC) Awards!

Let's get to it!


WWE & the Internet Wrestling Community: An abusive relationship: mrsocko writes a clever article comparing the WWE-IWC relationship to that of an abusive relationship. Granted, abuse is definitely NOT a funny topic, but this is a pretty clever look at how WWE has been treating the IWC, and fans as a whole.

Fantasy Draft: A 2014 Brand Split: Cagesiders GuyinNY and BWOzar conduct a WWE brand extension draft using the current main roster, some NXT talent, and a few other surprise draftees. As of today, the opinion over which show has the better roster is VERY close, with SD winning by only 3 votes over Raw, despite SD having Evabot as a ring announcer, and we all know how THAT went.

The Streak should rest in peace, not in pieces: The Unholy Goalie writes a long but excellent article defending the idea that Undertaker's WrestleMania streak should remain unbeaten. He also fantasy books the next few WrestleMania matches for Undertaker and his prospective opponents. Definitely a worthy read.

Wrestlemania XXXI: Sting vs. Undertaker fantasy booking: The Unholy Goalie also wrote a lengthy article discussing how Undertaker vs Sting could be booked. In short, it's brilliant. Check it out.

John Cena Hits 400 Make-A-Wish Requests: Eugene Saxe made this FanPost recognizing John Cena's 400th Make-A-Wish contribution. Say what you will about John Cena's character, but you absolutely cannot deny that he is a legitimately awesome person in real life. How many other celebrities can brag about having granted 400 wishes to children?


BY GAWD HE'S BROKEN IN HALF: 8bitDan posted this FanShot showing an Olympic figure skater getting piledriven during a figure skating routine. This video is complete with dubbed Joey Styles commentary. Funny as hell.


Starting off the comments, we have My Big Mouth telling us to bow down to the King of Kings:

And to follow up, he edits it and makes it even better after some requests:

Yourroleandyou highlights how CM Punk is probably gonna be treated by WWE due to his departure:

In response to AJ talking about how her pipebomb got pushed to the wayside by THOSE DAMN BELLA TWINS, Prussian Creole responds to AJ's statements, which then attracts a pretty good reply from hfl2013.

Rex Ivanovic explains why the required recs for a comment to go green increased:

In response to a question over what color comments should turn once they get a required number of recs, Hollywood Wallace provides a wonderful answer:

Omnitalent responds to the two teenagers who reenacted Nikki Bella's finishing backbreaker:

In response to a "Caption This" challenge in the Open Thread, My Big Mouth won the internet for this:

BryanDanielson'sBeard shares his accomplishment of the day:

In addition, BryanDanielson'sBeard makes a very true observation, while Sonnens Political Adviser makes another very true observation:

After Monday's Raw, Prussian Creole is still horny over Roman Reigns's awesome reply to Renee Young:

RuinedOverOut has another rant, this time about the mistreatment of Dolph Ziggler

Grandmaster Flesh is unimpressed by WWE forcing him to accept Batista's shitty spear. As a response, GunShark posts the perfect response:

super D notes a large omission from Lita's WWE Hall of Fame induction that should be mentioned:

BW Smith....yeah, the comment just says it all:

mrsocko calls a swerve that should have happened:

phlash74 makes a prediction about the future, while TheMasterGeek adds to said prediction:

In response to another "Caption This" challenge in the Open Thread (which I will not post because it's quite fucked up), Rex Ivanovic wins the challenge:

JapCap posts a response to the challenge that is a close second to Rex's comment:

JapCap posts a proposal in response to what Brie Bella should start incorporating into her moveset:

Kanenite, while whoring himself, proposed a new thing for CSS:

Sean Rueter provides the end credits for CSS Live:

The Notorious Eddie Mac provides the only acceptable cover for WWE 2K15:

ReverendKain responds to WWE removing Big E's last name and Cesaro's first name:

Yourroleandyou foresees a new wresting star in the near future:

CranberryNapalm, Duke Phillips, Sandow's Superior, and Vidence discuss both the idea of Jake Roberts, Scott Hall (maybe), and Ultimate Warrior going to the HOF as well as advocating for DDP's induction:

The Notorious Eddie Mac posted this picture of Renee Young in the OT with a "Caption This" challenge:

Simark provided a perfect response to the picture:

rancho king, not to be outdone, posts another, more....provocative picture of Renee:

While discussing CM Punk's departure from WWE, Lexxi provides a comment that likely explains a lot about the circumstances:

ReverendKain comments on John Cena providing his 400th wish to a child in need:

HallAndOates469 mentions that Eric B. Stephen is gonna start using the phrase "Headed forward" more often. Sean Rueter, Sandow's Superior, DFreshMMA, and Blueblob4life provide an entertaining exchange in reply to this:

DJ Holm makes a good point about WWE's priorities:

The heel of the Open Threads, mrsocko, admits to cheating on CSS with other SB Nation pages. Blueblob4life puts him in his place:

BryanDanielson'sBeard posts a pretty funny picture imaging The Shield as 3 Count 2.0:

Jonathan Loesche posted two awesome pictures in the Open Thread. One is a gif that can be viewed effectively here, while the other is a pretty awesome pic about the forthcoming Wyatts vs Shield match.

rancho king posted another "Caption This" challenge, to which ReverendKain readily won:

While discussing WWE's worry over the upcoming Raw in Chicago, Yourroleandyou asks a good question, and joleme provides a simple answer:

BryanDanielson'sBeard also provides a good statement about WWE's ideology at the moment:

While discussing Scott Steiner's Cageside Evaluation, Satish_Ram questions Doors Hate MMA Fighters's math, and TJ_UK provides a hell of a reply:

While discussing Stone Cold Steve Austin being backstage at Raw, KiniskiFan provides fantasy booking that would have made the 2014 Royal Rumble one of the best ever:

Fanfman, Amonra, Hollywood J Blaq, and Eric B. Stephen provide a good discussion about Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast about the current backstage atmosphere at WWE:

While talking about Rey Mysterio getting injured again, Eugene Saxe makes a good guess:

thehobodownthestreet is EXTREMELY blunt when talking about CM Punk's WWE departure:

While talking about a certain couple of superstars, icecreambar proposes that they should become a tag team, with Bad-Horse endorsing the idea:

I have a couple of Valentine's Day related posts for you all. First, one from BryanDanielson'sBeard, with a reply from Rex Ivanovic:

Another from Jonathan Loesche:

Jenzel Washington asks about Willow being TNA's ripoff of Bray Wyatt. Hifismark agrees with the question, and who me makes an excellent point about TNA as a whole:

While talking about Willow, Fear the RUSH compares it to what would happen if the Wyatts had sex with La Parka. Rex makes a cool reply:

Big_Rew22 asks a very relevant question about TNA when they were thinking of Willow. thehobodownthestreet answers effectively:

While talking about John Cena being asked about CM Punk, Smark Antony compares Cena to Hulk Hogan in terms of backstage politics. who me responds in an...interesting way:

(Cena Punk 1)

tkatt00 writes a rather long post about how WWE fans want change. It's a very long post and I had to shrink it down to fit it her. Here is the link if you want to read the whole thing:

DFreshMMA brings back the GIFs of the Day in a Kanyonic fashion. There are a lot of gifs, so view them here.

To finish up, we have pkloa talking about his relationship with wrestling.

That's it. Tune in for next week's insanity!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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