WWE Creative's Cageside Evaluation


They are WWE Creative and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about Vince's Minions. Here's the full evaluation.

Today we looked at WWE Creative and you had a lot to say. This one was a little trickier to pull out trends due to a lot of variety in your responses. I would highly recommend going through the comments, as there are a lot of good thoughts on this topic.

What you loved:

  1. Good as Gold - When Creative hits on a story line man is it fun to watch. CM Punk's title reign, Wyatt and The Shield booking just to name a few.
  2. NXT - Consistently solid from week to week, maybe thanks to less pressure or less re-writes. It's too bad Creative couldn't be like this across the board.
  3. Wrestling - Not sure if this has to do with Creative or the talent itself, but the wrestling in the ring has been amazing especially in 2013. Who cares about story lines as long as Bryan is kneeing people's heads off and Reigns is superman-apron-punch-kick-yell-spearing everyone in sight!

My favorite comment goes to Mr. Basketball - "Love: Not TNA"


What you loathed:

  1. Vince - He has final say with everything. We hear about all the re-writes each Raw goes through because he's always changing his mind. I'm sure others like Steph and HHH also meddle with the script so that's just more people causing headaches for the writing team. This also hurts long-term planning with the constant changes, WWE tends to adjust on the fly when they see good or bad things week to week.
  2. Bad Payoffs - Sometimes they get us hooked on a great story line (Nexus) and we are so excited to see what happens. It's maddening when something starts out so well and goes nowhere. As a fan it hurts us to the Corre.
  3. Spread Thin - This goes back to consistently re-writing shows and thus leaving the mid/low carders with nothing. All the time and effort is put into how a show will end, but not much into the middle 2 hours! "Uhh, Total Divas vs. Non Total Divas for the 100th time, go!"
  4. No Competition - Makes life a lot easier not having to worry about someone else writing up better angles than you are...yep just sit back and put out the usual stuff.

My favorite comment goes to Eric B. Stephen - "I HATE the telegraphing of WrestleMania season they’ve done in the past two years. No fan should be able to give you a reasonably accurate WrestleMania card and results 5 months ahead of time. I’m glad its "gone off the rails" this year, because at least it adds a little unpredictability. I still can’t fucking believe they were just going to have Batista stroll in, win the Rumble, and go over Orton in the main event and not think the fans would shit all over that. Batista is not the Rock, and whoever sold them that idea should be fired."

Lastly, let's check out the poll. With 244 votes, WWE Creative's average score is 1.9! Woah! Bit of a surprise, we have a new member of the Khali Club! Dixie and Khali, enjoy your new dance partners.

Thanks, Cagesiders. Tomorrow's pick will kill you.

Until then!

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