The REC Awards: Week of January 26, 2014

No, you are NOT hallucinating. The RECs Awards are back!

A while back, there was a feature on Cageside Seats that Recognized Excellence in Contributions (REC, get it?) from all of you, the valuable (and questionably sane) cSs community. It disappeared for a while due to the fact that it was tedious to compile and publish. However, I feel that these weekly awards are long overdue for a comeback, and Geno's publishing of a CM Punk special edition set the wheels in motion for this revival.

So here we are!

This first one will be a far less varied product than future editions but starting next week, we'll scour the threads for great content. Look for these on Saturday or Sunday every week.

Here we go!


Couple highlights for this week:

- The WWEekly Confidence Index Analysis (Week of Jan. 26): Can Wrestlemania Season Be Salvaged?

The Notorious Eddie Mac provides a great analysis to one of the worst times in terms of confidence towards WWE's future plans. And after the debacle that was Royal Rumble 2014 (minus the Daniel Bryan/Bray Wyatt match) and CM Punk jumping ship, confidence in the product is lower than low. If you want to see how low it really is, check this out.

- Devil's Favorite Advocate: Was CM Punk Right to Leave WWE?

KDidz wrote this article examining the arguments for and against CM Punk leaving WWE. He has some good arguments, and the comments are pretty interesting for different perspectives. By all means, check this out.


And now it's time to honor some of the great comments that you Cagesiders have submitted over the last week. Obviously, this list is not all-inclusive of all of the great comments posted here on a daily basis, so if you don't see your comment on here, don't fret!

Starting off, we have BringsKnivestoGunFights suggesting a hypothetical gimmick change for Curtis Axel if he were relevant in the Attitude Era. Yourroleandyou and The Notorious Eddie Mac contribute to the insanity:

Next up, JamCap expresses his displeasure with the New Age Outlaws dissing Renee Young:

While discussing the Royal Rumble and the geo-thermonuclear heat that Rey Mysterio received, tkatt00 suggested a worthy replacement for Rey, and also a way to generate even more heat (if such as thing was possible that night):

Next up, Hollywood J Blaq posts the GIF of Bray Wyatt Sister Abigailing Daniel Bryan into the barricade. ReverendKain also has one of his usual witty remarks:

Up next, mrsocko turned heel in the Open Thread by professing his liking of Nickelback. He then proceeded to cut a fabulous promo:

Jonathan Loesche decided to dazzle us with an epic photo of Roman Reigns delivering a Superman Punch to John Cena:

BryanDanielson'sBeard tells us how he really felt about the Daniel Bryan/Bray Wyatt match:

Dannie Ray also informs us of the actual winner of John Cena/Randy Orton Edition 930:

Also from Dannie Ray, this is a funny reason of why illegally watching a PPV is definitely watch-at-your-own-risk:

In the Royal Rumble Post OT, we have a whole block of "tell us how you REALLY feel" from Blake Murphy, robertfoster, tankadelphia, Satish_Ram, CranberryNapalm, and Doors Hate MMA Fighters:

In the Rumor Roundup on January 30th, Flashking foresees a trashy end to the inevitable Orton/Batista match. Sandow's Superior, however, sees it another way:

In yesterday's Rumor Roundup, *Asterisk* nicely appeals to WWE in regards to signing Japanese wrestler KENTA. Blueblob4life and Curtain Jerker provide reactions:

To conclude, Flashking sums up the whole week for us:

There are your REC Awards for the week of Jan. 26, 2014. Stay tuned for another edition next week!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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